Thanksgiving Traditions

Day 23: Giving Thanks for what Matters Most

We have come to the end of another Thanksgiving Holiday here in the USA. I hope that everyone had a blessed day. Ours followed tradition. Mr. Mo and I were up early to run our annual Turkey 10K.

Here is a summary that I posted on Instagram for you to read.

We began our feast at Mr. Mo’s father’s home with a tender prayer to God offering thanks for all of our multitude of blessings, and the opportunity to gather together as family. We then enjoyed a lovely dinner that Sister-in-law Carolyn went out of her way to organize. Everyone brought delicious food – including two smoked Turkeys which we “gobbled up” (pun intended) – and LOTS of PIE! πŸ™‚

When we drove home we were treated with a beautiful sunset.


As it turned out, we had an opportunity to walk over to my parents home and spend some time visiting with them. My brother’s family was there also. They taught me how to play a crazy little card game called “Garbage”. It was very fun!

After that, Mr. Mo and I walked over to visit with two of our neighbors – Jessica and Andrea (sisters), and delivered a little Thanksgiving treat to them. They had also run the same Turkey 10K this morning. We had a good laugh about all of the little “snafus” of the race (having to wait for two trains to cross the tracks on the race rouse – and of course the “medal drama” I shared in the Instagram post). We talked about several future races we might do together. They are such fun new friends!

In the end, this has been a day of fitness, food, friends, family and faith.

My whole heart revolves around those five things. They are my “5 Pillars”, if you will that are my support and strength and matter most to me. Everything else is ancillary. I am so deeply grateful to God for my life and breath, the challenges and the opportunities, the growth and change and experiences that make up “Living”.

I truly hope that each of you have recognized God’s hand in your life today.

Love and blessings – MoSop

I love your comments! β™₯

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