Cleo Madison Makes My Day

Today is my birthday. Yay me! I am now officially “in my 50’s” (because according to Mr. Mo, last year doesn’t count since technically it was the final year of my 4th decade).

Either way, yikes.

Luckily I don’t feel old. And, thanks to friends like Cleo Madison, I don’t have to look “old” either!

Cleo Madison is actually an online retailer specializing in “cute modest clothing” for women that is also reasonably priced. They recently reached out to offer me a free dress in exchange for a blog review.

Of course, I was more than happy to oblige! Because… free clothing – right!?

This is actually my first ever “product review” here at Mormon Soprano. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. What if I hated the product? How awkward would that be, right!? Thankfully, that was not an issue at all. Now that I have worn the dress they sent me I am 100% excited to share Cleo Madison with all of you (and I’m excited to add more of their product to my closet)!

My new favorite dress! 

CM’s modest fare is designed to be both stylish and affordable.

I would also add versatile & practical.

I am wearing the Katherine pocket dress in Plum. (it also comes in a lovely Teal) This is honestly the most comfortable dress in my wardrobe right now. The material is a very soft poly-blend knit. (90% polyester 5% spandex). The dress resists wrinkles very well. It arrived folded into an impossibly tiny shipping pouch. When I took it out I wondered if I was going to have to hunt down an iron (confession: I do not own one) – but, I hung the dress up overnight and was pleasantly surprised to discover all of the wrinkles had fallen out by morning.

No Iron Necessary = Win.

It has POCKETS!! Yes!! This is such a very big deal for me. I LOVE pockets. I NEED pockets. Don’t ALL women LOVE and NEED pockets?! In my opinion, every skirt or dress should include pockets. These particular pockets in the Katherine Dress happen to be very large and deep. I can reach my entire hand and wrist all the way down inside each pocket. I was able to easily carry my cell phone in one pocket and a lip gloss and room key in the other for my night out.

No need to lug around a purse = Win.

Doing my best impression of a model

Since I wore it on our anniversary celebration night, I chose to “dress up my dress” with a fancy necklace, bracelet and heels. However, this dress could easily be worn in more casual settings with just a pair of flats or sandals. I like how this dress has an elasticized waist to give me some shape, while still providing flattering pleats in the mid-line area. Despite being an extra short & curvy sized human, this dress was still a perfect mid-length for me and fit true to size [Small = 4/6, Med = 8/10, L = 12/14]

I really have only two complaints about the Cleo Madison website:

  1. No sizing charts 😦  – I would encourage them to add these for each item. [For reference, unless otherwise advised on the page they told me Small = 4/6, Med = 8/10, L = 12/14]
  2. They tend to run out of styles super fast! Ok – this is really more of a “warning” than a “complaint” – since we certainly can’t fault them from doing great business and moving their products along quickly! [So, consider yourself warned. If you see something you like, don’t hesitate too long!]

To their credit, CM have very prompt customer service. If you need help or advice a super friendly sales associate will get right back to you, plus they have an easy return policy.

Wearing my pretty new Cleo Madison dress made my special night feel extra special

I am sincerely thrilled to have discovered such a cute modest clothing website with reasonable prices… and dresses with pockets! Woot!

Go check out the web page for Cleo Madison and let me know what you think. They even have a super sale going on right now, too! And if you sign up for their newsletter, you can get an additional 10% off. Score! – MoSop

And now… here is something else super cute I can’t resist sharing. My friend Alison (who is also a MoTab Mormon Soprano) has a very talented musical Cockatiel. 😉


I love your comments! ♥

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