Flu, Guns, and Hope

For the past three weeks I’ve been waging an epic battle against the Flu. Yes, I did get my annual Influenza shot, but unfortunately this year it turned out to be only 10% effective, and the clinics and hospitals have been filled in our region. Despite my constant coughing, miserable lethargy, and complications of sinus infection and ear infection my doctor said that the majority of those who got their shot this season have been able to avoid deadly complications, so there is that to be grateful for.



I suppose it is a necessary part of our mortal experience to go through times of illness so we can be reminded what a blessing health is. I actually got to the point of missing the blessing of going to the office every day! I’ve especially missed the blessing of being able to go outside, and to walk and run. The majority of the past month Utah has had incredibly mild weather, too. It made me feel really sad I couldn’t be out on the trail.

But, my strength is returning. No more pity party for me. Hooray!


In the wake of another devastating school shooting here in the USA, it is the rising generation that have taken a bold stand and have been a shining example for our nation. As I grieve for the loss of innocent life, I find faith in our future because of these brave, intelligent, bold children. They give me hope.

Students From A Maryland High School Organize Walkout And March On Capitol Demanding Gun Control Action From Congress
Win McNamee/Getty Images

From time to time I express my opinions and views about society issues because, just like you, I live in this world, and everything happening around us effects my life. I have a lot of feelings and emotions regarding guns. Let’s face it, as soon as we hear that 4-letter G word everyone’s blood pressure skyrockets. Personally, I don’t feel there is a need for citizens to have instruments of death and destruction in their possession. Killing animals for sport distresses me. Killing people (on purpose or by “accident”) is simply unconscionable. I acknowledge there are good people who own guns. I accept that banning all guns from the USA is never going to happen. Therefore, I will continue to advocate for sensible and reasonable regulations.

#1. Firearm ownership and use is a PRIVILEGE which requires certain responsibilities and commitments to be enforced. For the good of humanity living in the 21st Century firearms should at the very least be controlled with the same mandates as automobiles.


Will these rational changes end all murder and destruction? Sadly, no.

However, this will save lives. This is a reasonable and urgent step in the right direction.

#2. Does anyone need to possess semi-automatic military grade weapons capable of killing, maiming and destroying masses of lives within seconds? Does anyone need to own devices that aid assassination such as silencers? (*sigh* why do we even need to ask these questions?)


#3. Furthermore…



Feeling physically ill, and emotionally ill takes a tremendous toll on our emotional and mental health.

Watching the rapid decline of the moral and ethical fiber of our society is enough to make anyone feel completely depressed and hopeless. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be angry. It’s right to speak out, take action, and be a force for good to try to make changes in our neighborhood, city, state and country.

Bad things keep happening when good people do nothing. But, whatever you do…

DO NOT despair!

There is still MORE GOOD in this world than evil. There is still MORE BEAUTY. There is still MORE LOVE. And there is still ENDLESS HOPE.

Thomas S. Monson, The Lighthouse of The Lord

Every time I start having feelings of panic and helplessness, I stop and remind myself why it is all going to be okay.

There are a few things I know for certain, and these things give me comfort and peace.


  1. We are Children of God. You and I lived before we were born on this earth, and we will live after we leave. I know this as certain as I know day follows night.
  2. We were born for a purpose. You and I are going to have experiences that continually test us, and make us learn things we didn’t think we wanted to learn and be stretched beyond what we thought was possible.
  3. We have “Mad Skills”. You and I were given unique personalities, talents and abilities – gifts from God – that can help and bless others. If we choose to help and bless others – and that means just doing whatever small thing each day we can to add a little more kindness and goodness to this earth – we will feel happy.
  4. We are not alone. Really. Truly. Yes, I have days that I feel terribly lonely inside. Yes, sometimes when I pray it feels like crickets are chirping out there in the silent dark cosmos … but then, things always happen. A series of events – sometimes big things, but mostly small – redirect my path, resolve my crises, and answer my concerns I voiced in my prayer. This has happened much too consistently to be a coincidence. There is a Heavenly Father who loves and watches over you and me. BONUS: I know there are also angels watching over us. They are not some kind of supernatural winged creatures. Angels are real people who live in the spiritual realm. Many of our angels are our loved ones who have died. Parents, grand-parents, siblings, ancestors, friends… We might not be able to see them, but they still see us and are aware of our battles. Some of our angels are also loved ones who haven’t been born yet. I know this. I’ve felt their presence. The choices we make during our life will affect their future, so they have a vested interest in us. All of our angels love us. They know how difficult our lives are, how hard we are trying – and they’re rooting for us – which I think is incredibly awesome.
Jeffrey R. Holland, The Ministry of Angels

When things feel dark, reach out to others, and hold on a little longer together. There is light within us, and there is Light guiding us.


…despite all of the pain and horror in this world, there is goodness, there is purpose, and there is Hope.

Our Savior has overcome all of the sin and death and sorrow, so that no matter what happens, we will have “joy in the morning!”

P.S. Dear friends, please remember my blog is not a debate forum. Be kind. Devisive comments will not be published. 💌


  1. I saw on line today, that Dick’s Sporting Goods is changing their age for purchasing a gun to 21. I don’t know how much good that will do. Those who are determined to get a gun, will find a way. Changing rules can help, but the only way to ever change the culture is to change hearts. It would seem that is the hardest thing to do.

    This week we are burying one of the most effective Evangelists who ever lived, Billy Graham. I got saved at one of his Crusades in Louisville, Ky in 1956, when I was 15. The world needs more men like him who will dedicate their lives to changing the world. But, it’s a different time and world now, than it was then. As the country song says, people are looking for love in all the wrong places. If they could only realize that what they are searching for is God. I guess until that time comes, we’ll have to settle for new gun laws and whatever else the politicians can come up with. Sad, but true.

    Love, Lynne


  2. I respectfully disagree with you on the gun issue. I do agree that our laws need to be enforced much better than they have been, but the answer isn’t the guns. Even if all the manufacturing in the world was shut down, as long as there is knowledge as to how to build one, there will be guns. The problem is the hatred in the hearts of people, which cannot be regulated. The only answer is the gospel of Christ.


    1. I agree the answer to any of our world’s sorrow is the gospel of Christ. And, while we are working hard to spread His gospel of peace and love, let’s also work hard to save innocent lives by preventing easy access to firearms + military grade weaponry.


      1. I agree with you there. Easy access isn’t the answer, either. And the more we learn about and live the peace and love of Christ, the less need the world will have for weapons of any kind. ….and they shall beat their swords into plowshares….


  3. Hi, Holly:

    Thank you for your inspiration. It is much appreciated.

    One comment about guns: The Second Amendment includes the phrase “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms.” In 18th-sentury English the definite article “the” in front of “people” denotes the collective nation (represented by the militia). Compare the phrase “We the people.” If “people” had been used without the definite article, as in “the right of people to keep and bear arms,” it could have meant “individuals.”

    Bless you..


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