Wedding Reflections

Last night our married daughter called to wish me Happy Mother’s Day.

our married daughter.”

I get to say that now. I have a child that’s married!

Press pause. Ponder. Wow.

She and her new husband (I have a son!) just returned from their week-long honeymoon, happy as pie.

Why is pie always so happy?

It’s been a very busy year for me and my family already (and we’re only to May)!! Lot’s of changes and transitions. Lots of emotions – highs and lows. Lots of giving away, and moving forward. We successfully launched my parents on their second mission, all the while preparing for the BIG DAY – our first child (and grand-child’s) wedding within my immediate & extended family. We continued to plan and prep, stress over, laugh and cry about, and plan and prep some more.

Then, suddenly … the BIG DAY arrived.

And it was picture perfect.


Once in a while life gives us a beautiful, joyful, floating-on-air, heaven-touching kind of day. They don’t happen very often. But, when they do, they make everything else worth living for it.

We touched heaven on Saturday May 5th, 2018.

Those of you who are long-time readers will understand what an extra blessing and miracle this long-awaited heaven-touching day is for Daughter A, and all who have loved and prayed for her through many toils and snares.

Amazing grace! ♪♫♪


Mom and Dad were able to fly home from their Kentucky Mission in time to attend the wedding on Saturday. ♥ This was another miracle – since Mom had been hospitalized in Louisville just a few days earlier with a serious infection! Wedding day wouldn’t have been half as perfect without them. We were all so thrilled to get to spend a few precious hours together!

Before they flew back to their mission on Sunday morning they had enough time to attend the Choir broadcast on Temple Square. It was so sweet to see them smiling out there the audience –  and then to be able to go outside and give them one last quick hug and kiss goodbye.

2018-05-06 temple square with Holly_sm
Go forth with faith to serve!

So blessed.

“We should prize our families, and the associations we have together, remembering that if we are faithful we shall inherit glory, immortality and eternal life, and this is the greatest of all the gifts of God to man.”

– Wilford Woodruff


When I returned to the office on Monday May 7th my co-workers had conspired and decorated my space with ribbons, CONGRATULATION signs, and a “Mother of the Bride Finisher Medal” (complete with 2 aspirin attached – classic touch!)

These people are why I keep coming to work! #bestcoworkersever


It’s been a great week. Happy, peaceful, relaxing, rewarding.

My work is done here. 

(at least for now)

Mr. Mo and I wasted no time taking our life back! Within 48 hours after all the wedding festivities we signed ourselves up for a new Half Marathon we haven’t tried before (just 5 short weeks away – because, why not?!), and created our training plan of action (which we’ve been sticking to – Yay Us!).

The fickle Utah weather has ranged from high 90 F to low 40 F and everywhere in between. But, the past few days we’ve received much-needed rain, and everything is fresh, green and hopeful. It feels good for Mr. Mo and I to be spending time outside again – connected to mother earth and sky, enjoying the fresh air and optimism – together!


The significance of this week hasn’t escaped us. Mr. Mo and I have reached a major milestone in our grand adventure we began together nearly 29 years ago  – in the very same place Daughter A and her sweetheart began together 9 days ago.

We have successfully crossed over the parenting bridge with half of our children [when you have two, you can get to “half” quick ;)].

Parenting Payday

There’s nothing more wistful, yet satisfying, than watching your little bird fly blissfully away, fully fledged and ready to begin building their very own nest, with their very own chosen companion. ♥

It’s the circle of life! ♪♫♪

“A child should learn not merely to love, but to be a loving person—to make love their stance in the world. ‘Love’ may come and go, but a loving person, like the sun itself, never loses his or her sustaining warmth.”

(Reader’s Digest, June 1981, p. 164.)

Go forth with Love my child … Embrace your world. 

Love, Mom




  1. What a wonderful day that was. I’m so glad your parents got to come back for it. Sorry to hear your Mom was sick, but glad to hear she recovered in time.

    I’m so happy for your daughter. I was one of the one’s fervently praying for her when she was ill. What a thrill to hear how God answers prayer.

    May God bless them abundantly, Love, Lynne

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