Day 13: Performing At The Orpheum

Day 13 MoTab Tour ❤ Saturday 30 June 2018 – Vancouver, Canada

It was our much anticipated performance day in “liquid sunshiny” Vancouver. Skies were cloudy and threatening, but the rain held off. Our hotel room came with a view of the rooftop garden, and a glimpse of the lovely harbor.

Mr. Mo and I made the mistake of choosing to eat lunch at a small deli down the street from our hotel. Sadly, this was only truly disappointing meal of our entire tour.

At 1:00 PM choir and orchestra members boarded buses for the short ride to our performance venue for our sound check.

Celebrating 90 Years Together

The Orpheum theater opened it’s opulent doors in 1927 as Vancouver’s largest vaudeville house. Later, the Orpheum transitioned into a movie palace and eventually a concert hall. It has undergone renovations of course, but remains an absolute stunning and historic venue to get to perform in!

Fun Fact: The very same year the Orpheum began it’s performing legacy the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was beginning it’s historic weekly broadcasts from Temple Square. So, both the theater and the choir performing on it’s stage this night were celebrating 90 years together!

According to it’s official website The Orpheum has hosted everyone from “visiting royalty and political leaders to wartime recruiters and charitable organizations”. Even Fred Astaire and the Marx Brothers performed here. Today it hosts everything from film viewings, to classical music performances, comedians and other live shows.

Wow!! What a treat!!

The Choir’s sound check at the Orpheum – photo @DarilynBM

Bilbo Would Have Felt At Home

One obscure corner of this theater has remained unchanged through the centuries. It’s a narrow little “hobbit hallway” behind the stage which takes performers from stage right to the street exit on stage left! Since I’m so short, I had plenty of clearance, but taller Choir members had to duck to avoid exposed pipes and wires as they walked through. I captured just the final moments of this bizarre little trek (the tunnel is about 3 times this distance and I wish I’d captured the whole thing). Love it! 🙂

Dinner And A Show

It was back to our hotel via bus to enjoy a lovely buffet meal, then hurry to dress in our concert attire and load the buses yet again to return to the Orpheum for the concert. (because this is how we roll!)


Made For You And Me

Our concert was completely sold out. There was electric excitement in the hall when we filed in to take our seats on the choir risers.

Mr. Mo was up in the center balcony smiling and waving. He snapped this lovely shot of our gorgeous stage with the orchestra tuning their instruments right before the concert began (I’m on the very front row).

Photo credit – Jeff my “Mr. Mo”

This hall was so delightful to perform in! The audience was amazing and wrapped us up in a warm blanket of Canadian goodness.

The final encore performance was led by Vancouver Chamber Choir’s conductor and artistic director Jon Washburn. We sang “This Land Is Your Land” with updated lyrics!

This land is your land, this land is my land,

From Bonavista to Vancouver Island;

From the Arctic Circle to the Great Lakes waters,

This land was made for you and me.

Thank you dear Vancouver for your rousing applause, your shouts of joy and your loving hearts! Despite the appalling treatment by the current USA administration, you welcomed us right in. You provided an opportunity for us to be positive ambassadors and build bridges with you. Music is a glorious unifying force – something the world sure needs more than ever. ♥ – MoSop


  1. What a beautiful venue. That picture Mr. Mo took was outstanding. The coloring was really stunning. I assume, that was it for the tour and you’re back home. What a wonderful experience for the Choir and family members who got to go with you. Also, for all of us who didn’t go, but got to experience it through your eyes and words and pictures. Thanks, Holly. Love you, Lynne


    1. Thank you Lynne! Actually, there are 3 more days of tour I still need to blog. I’m already working on so many adventures that I haven’t had time. But… trying to get them up soon.
      Stay tuned!


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