Kilted Camino

Counting down. Only 3 weeks and 3 days until we head to Spain to walk our 130K Camino Inglés pilgrimage. We will be taking 1 backpack each of 10 lbs (4.5 kilos). That’s the goal anyway (!) on this adventure. Which means –  everything has to be carefully chosen; very lightweight, durable, hand washable, quick dry, minimalist.  We are fussing now over each detail. Scouring chat boards for experienced pilgrim tips, researching ‘light hiking’ hacks, finalizing our wardrobe choices, and weighing everything to the gram.

Some Real Cool Men Wearing Kilts @ Tough Mudder 2011

Mr. Mo has decided to join the “Manly Men” wave and purchased a Hiking Kilt made by a USA company named Sport Kilt. Their tag line is “A Man in a Kilt, is a Man and A Half“.  🙂 It’s super lightweight, durable, breathable, and chafe free.

What’s not to love?

His Kilt arrived yesterday afternoon, so when I returned from Choir rehearsal he was waiting to greet me channeling his best Scotsman.

0913182134a-SPORT KILT
Like a Boss

Mr. Mo’s Mom Elaine was a Stewart. His roots extend back to Scottish royalty. So, it seems a perfect tribute to walk the English Way to Santiago wearing his ancestral Black Stewart tartan.

OK. I know what you’re all thinking and the answer is NO – he is not “going commando”. There will be appropriate underwear “under there”. 😉

¡Buen Camino! –  Holly

Here is a convincing video that made us laugh. Plus, I adore his accent.


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