Our Journey To Santiago Begins

First things first. Yep, it’s still me! Today I’m rolling out the “new and improved” blog name. Meet “Latter-day Soprano“. I’m still working out a bunch of issues with domain names, user names and account names… it’s not going to be perfect, folks. The Church may have some kind of secret sauce as to how to change their user names and still keep the same account, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that.

So, the name in my handle is “Latter-day Soprano“, and some of my accounts have allowed name changes. But, some of my user names, my email, and my url (for now) still say Mormon Soprano. Its all part of the journey.

I’m trying, President Nelson. Really, I am!!

One of my friends suggested that I become the “Latter-day Tab Cat” because it “has more bite”… ha ha I admit. I actually love the creativity of that. But, it’s just a little too much “bite” for me. I’ll stay my same old Vanilla self 🙂

But, new, and improved – with sprinkles on top.


I’m Fasting

I depart in just a few hours for my pilgrimage in Spain. Its really happening!! Pinch me!! During General Conference this weekend our dear prophet President Russell M. Nelson invited us to commit to a 10 day “social media fast”. For 10 days, completely abstain from the apps and devices and information overload that commands all of our attention and consumes all our time.

But… for how long?? Yikes!

I’m going to be traveling for 10 days exactly. Coincidence? It seems too obvious a sign to ignore. So, I’ve decided to make my walk to Santiago as a “fasting pilgrim”. I am seeking a spiritual feast, without distractions. Phone off. Disconnected. It seems so impossible for me, I know! … I guess that’s what makes it so perfect.

By disconnecting from the chaos of the world, I will be reconnecting my mind, body, and spirit with nature, and with the people and experiences God provides me along the Way.

The Camino Provides!

Here is our very last video of our final “epic night” pre-departure stuff, with all little the packing details). Sorry- I have no idea why there’s so many glitches in this. (But, a perfect reason why I don’t want to mess with this on my Camino).

When I return from my pilgrimage be prepared for a FLOOD of posts! I’ll have so much I’ll want to share with you!!


Holly (and Mr. Mo)

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