Christmas Milestones

Here we are, on the final countdown in hours and minutes to Christmas! Despite my best intentions, It’s been way too long since I’ve been able to post. However, there are so many exciting worthwhile things to share! I’ve reached a point in my life when there are starting to be a lot of milestones. I think looking back and acknowledging all we’ve come through is a wonderful exercise in appreciating our blessings, and it gives us hope for our future.

Here are a few of my “Christmas milestones”:


Last week I performed my eleventh Christmas Concert as a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It’s completely mind-blowing!! How could that many Christmases really have happened? And yet, it is true. I joined in January 2008, and my first concert with Brian “Stokes” Mitchell that year was a thrill. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to perform with some of the world’s greatest artists (full list here).

My eleventh Christmas Concert is one of my new very favorites! The bubbly, darling, powerhouse Kristin Chenoweth gave a knock-out performance. The full show will release on PBS during Christmas 2019, but here is a sneak peek!


We are celebrating twenty-nine years of marriage this month. I wrote about it here.

And, I posted a summarized version on my Instagram.

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29 years ago these two delightfully naive bright eyed sweethearts said "Yes!" for time and eternity… and off they went on the wildest ride they didn't know they'd signed up for! It was a terrifying, joyful, tearful, exhausting, energizing, agonizing, enlightening, mostly challenging, sometimes hilarious and always surprising Marriage Coaster. They discovered it required daily emotional, mental, physical and spiritual strength, and dual commitment to sustain their marriage coaster. It wasn't always fun, or easy. Disney's 'happily ever after' is a myth. From time to time, the coaster had to pull into a weigh station for repairs. The passengers reassesed their experience and took stock of aches, pains, injuries, illness, and fears. The struggles were real. They sought experienced travelers, took classes and hired professionals to educate and counsel them on how to use each others gifts to repair and strenthen their marriage. There was always an option to stop making improvements, or for one or both to refuse to try, or even leave. But, these two chose to stay and work together on repairing the cracks that naturally happen to everyone taking this kind of wild ride. They acknowledged their weakness and limitations. But focused on strengths.They readjusted their seatbelts, learned by trial and error how to navigate the twists and turns, how to talk to each other, and understand each others needs. They held on tighter. Slowly but surely as the years roll by, their youthful glow gave way to "character lines". Perfectionism evolved into wisdom. The coaster car is "retro" now and the track is "vintage" but there's comfort in the seats and steadiness in the well oiled gears they've invested in day after day after day. 🎢🎡🎪🎭 I'm so glad I was that girl, and he was that boy. We've been blessed to somehow hang on tight to each other through all the twists & turns and stormy weather. I fully acknowledge every day our marriage is a marvelous miracle, and a gift from God. 💏 Thank you, sweetheart! Here's to the next 29 years. This time, we will get to ride the "Grandma & Grandpa" train! It's gonna be another exciting adventure!!

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That’s how many months this blog has been running, day in and day out (a total of 11 years plus 1 month). And this week, we officially launched our new name!

Latter-day Soprano

You may now reach us via (and yes, the Mormon Soprano URL will still work & forward you).

LDSop walk winter

This name change is in keeping with a request this year by our prophet, President Russell M. Nelson to make a name correction in reference to our church and church members

“The name of the Church is not negotiable, because the Lord has told us what His Church shall be called. So, we’re not changing names. We’re correcting a name—that’s important to note.”

– refraining from using the nickname “Mormon” we will be emphasizing the correct name of our organization The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are Jesus Christ’s church in the Latter-days (modern age), and members are correctly referred to as “Latter-day Saints.

“Mormon was a man. He was a prophet; he was a writer, a record-keeper. We honor him and treasure the book that bears his name. But we’re talking about the name of the Church….I think Mormon would be very embarrassed if he knew people were calling it the Mormon Church.”


I hope you all have the most wonderful, peaceful, joyful Christmas this week. My wish for you is to feel the beautiful spirit of peace and love that radiates from the little babe in Bethlehem – our true reason for the season.

Love, Holly

Enjoy this new music video from the Tabernacle Choir, starring Kevin Sorbo

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