I’m A Grandma

Does this new title make me look old? Because, I sure don’t feel it.I feel excited, amazed, emotional, elated… and even a bit giddy.

In fact, it’s incredible how much YOUNGER and ENERGIZED I become every moment I am holding this beautiful, precious little soul in my arms.Somehow we must have gotten caught in a time warp, and our “baby” now has a baby. #mindblown

It’s a humbling realization that Jeff and I have officially become a second generation on someone’s family tree. ♪♫♪ It’s the circle of life ♪♫♪

Newbie Grandparents with our perfect Little Miss Mini Peep

AMAZING doesn’t begin to describe how all of this feels. Of all the incredible things living as a human brings, Family is truly what matters most. May God bless you, and yours. Today, and forever.

Love ♥ Grandma Holly 


  1. Congratulations Grandma Holly! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling and blessing when a new arrival makes an appearance. They are so beautiful, skin so soft and are so precious, especially when you are holding the new infant. Be careful that you don’t squeeze the new arrival too hard. Remember to let Grandpa share his love for the new arrival. Take care. I’ll look for you tonight with th Tab Choir at Pres. Nelson’s birthday celebration. Keep up the good singing.


  2. So happy for you and the new Mama. It’s a different feeling when you hold your first grandchild, even from when you held your first child. Jeff looks like he’s about to bust from pride. Don’t blame him. that baby looks adorable. The best to you, Jeff, and the new parents and baby. Love to all, Lynne


  3. Loved your post and what a great picture of all three of you. Since we are now the Great Grandparents of this beautiful baby we too are loving this moment in our lives! Thanks for your post. Love you, mom and dad

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