Celebrating Christmas with Jesus and Santa

My Christmas Concert week is in full swing so time is incredibly limited! I was hoping to do a Christmas blog series… well, maybe after this weekend?!

In the meantime, I wanted to share something with you in celebration of this exciting and “best time of the year” season! The Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Love, Charity, Hope, and Giving… all symbols and part of the Spirit of Christ. This is the time of year when we celebrate the birth of a babe in a manger – Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah and Redeemer of the World. However, many parts of the world celebrate this day with the legend of a jolly and magical gift-giver called Santa Claus. Can we have both, and still honor the sacred meaning of the holiday? Oh, yes, I believe so! I have always loved the joy of Santa Claus as part of Christmas. I love the excitement and anticipation he gives to children. I loved being a ‘Santa’s Helper” as a parent and now begin my first Christmas as a grandparent, watching my own children become “Santa’s Helpers”. Recently, I came across a few paintings of Santa at the nativity that I absolutely love, and I also found a poem that I think does a beautiful job of including Santa Claus within the context of celebrating the birth of our Savior, the Christ Child. I am going to share it with my family and read it to my little grandbaby as she grows.

Merry Christmas everyone! – Holly

Santa Claus Nativity by Rita Salazar Dickerson

Santa’s Nativity Prayer

On Christmas Eve the other night
I saw the most amazing sight,
for there beneath the Christmas tree
was Santa kneeling on his knee.
His countenance was different than
that all-familiar, jolly grin;
his head was bowed, and hand to breast,
and slightly tucked into his vest.
For there in a Nativity
was Jesus and His family,
and as I heard him start to pray,
I listened close to what he’d say.
“Lord, You know that You’re the reason
I take pleasure in this season.
I don’t want to take Your place,
but just reflect Your wondrous grace.
I hope You’ll help them understand
I’m just an ordinary man,
who found a way to do Your will
by finding kids with needs to fill.
But all those centuries ago,
There was no way for me to know,
that they would make so much of me,
and all the gifts beneath the tree.
They think I have some hidden power
granted at the midnight hour.
But it is my love for You
Inspiring all the things I do.
And they give You all the Glory,
For, ‘You’re the One True Christmas Story.”

Original author – Alda Monteschio

Santa At The Nativity – by Cecilia Brendel
Every Knee Shall Bow – by Gaye Francis Willard
The Spirit of Christmas – by Greg Olsen
Homage – by Danny Hahlbohm
Behold The Lamb – by Gaye Frances Willard


  1. Beautiful poem. As you know, Holly, I live in a Senior Community. During the holidays, many people put cards in our box by our front doors. I prefer to do something a little more personal. Since I write poetry, I print a Christmas Poem I’ve written and put one in each box for all of the residents. Here is my poem for this year:
    The First Christmas Morn
    I wish I could have been there,
    on that first Christmas morn,
    Where in a stable lowly,
    the Holy Child was born,
    To look upon His glory,
    lying in a manger bed,
    Where the God of all creation,
    would softly lay his head,
    To hear the cattle lowing,
    see wise men from afar,
    And shepherds from a nearby field,
    come following His star,
    He is the one who prophets,
    foretold in days gone by,
    Would be the Lamb of God,
    who for our sins would die,
    But, on this quiet morning,
    at His Mother’s breast would lay,
    Just a newborn baby,
    who came the world to save,
    If we will just receive Him,
    this blessing from above,
    We’ll understand this present,
    is God’s amazing love.
    Have a blessed Christmas. Love to you and your family, Lynne

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