O Divine Redeemer – A Mormon Witness

Elder Neal A. MaxwellAt the October 1981 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), Elder Neal A. Maxwell gave his first talk over the pulpit as a newly ordained apostle. It was entitled: “O, Divine Redeemer“. Elder Maxwell was known for his keen intellect, and love for poetry and alliteration. Each talk became a scriptural masterpiece of literature, devotion and instruction. He served for twenty-three years as a witness of Jesus Christ before succumbing to Leukemia in 2004.

I thank Seth Adam Smith for creating this beautiful video highlighting Elder Maxwell’s powerful testimony, “O Divine Redeemer“. A Mormon Witness of Christ.

Learn more about how Mormons feel about Jesus Christ, at www.Jesus.lds.org


  1. I simply love the words of Neal A. Maxwell. I attended a CES Symposium when he gave the talk, “Our Creators Cosmos”. It was awesome, but I really didn’t take in ALL he said until I actually got the written copy and read it and studied it. Neal A. Maxwell had such a profound understanding of the gospel, every word he uttered needed to be listened to with intent. Great video!


  2. Thank you for posting this. I love Elder Maxwell. In fact, I just submitted a feature article at North Star for his 2002 address”Consecrate thy Performance.”

    I’ve been reading Elder Maxwell’s biography, and his life is an amazing testimony in itself. I love that he is a REAL person, with faults and challenges and everything. His biography even plainly shows some follies and weaknesses. What is truly impressive is not that he was perfect, but that he overcame all of those weaknesses and truly consecrated his life to the Lord. How blessed we are to have had such an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ living among us in our lifetimes.


    1. Dog – thanks for your comment. I think Elder Maxwell’s talks are what we could call “meaty”. You have to chew slowly and savor them to fully appreciate.

      Sweet – thank you for sharing your excellent article! I definitely want to read Elder Maxwell’s biography now.


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