Mormon Channel: Good News In The Air

Mormon Channel

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has launched a new online radio station called “The Mormon Channel“.

Faith Promoting Programming: Commercial Free.

What exciting news!  The LDS Church has taken another huge step onto the world stage using “New Media” to spread a positive message to the world. The radio channel was created to give an inspirational option for online listening, religious instruction, and uplifting music. Members and non-members of the Mormon church will enjoy the messages. For example: when I clicked on this morning, the program playing was called “Facing Death“. The program included Interviews with religious and spiritual leaders of many faiths – exploring the subject of religion and death, and interviews with individuals sharing their personal stories of death and grief. It was compelling, thought provoking, and extremely hopeful. The second program was a rebroadcast of Music and The Spoken Word.

The Mormon Channel has something for everyone. Channel Programs Include: “Church News“, “Mormon Conversations“, “Everything Creative“, “History of Hymns“, “Into The World“, “Legacy: Family History Stories“, “Mormon Identity“, “Music With a Message“, “Scripture Stories For Children“, “General Conference Stories“, ” The Light of Men: Jesus Christ

I am especially pleased to see two programs completely dedicated to MUSIC. Check it out!



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