Pornography Addiction: Movie Offers Hope

A compelling documentary has been created entitled “Pornography: Confronting the Addiction“.

Director Brandon Kowallis
Director Brandon Kowallis

This 35-minute film began as the Masters thesis project of up-and-coming director Brandon Kowallis, a graduate of both National University, and BYU. Awhile back, I had the opportunity to attend a screening at my local library, and came away inspired. Director Kowallis was on hand to introduce the film, and moderated a question and answer session following the screening along with one of his movie participants, Pastor Bernie Anderson. At that time, I promised them that I would write a feature article sharing their great work with my readership. I must apologize that this important post fell victim to my ‘back draft’ pile until today.

Although this subject generally invokes discomfort and can make one feel like running as fast as possible in the opposite direction, I encourage you to keep reading, and to be sure to watch this movie trailer. This new film is a positive and empowering resource. It left me feeling enlightened, educated, and hopeful. Along with my review of this movie, I have included additional information and resources below to assist you in the fight of pornography. I believe strongly that allowing ourselves to become educated on this critical subject is one of the best gifts we will ever give to ourselves, and those we love. Ignorance is Satan’s playground. Knowledge provides us the power for prevention and the catalyst for change.



As an avid spelunker, director Kowallis said he originally planned to create his thesis film on the joy of cave exploration. However, he felt compelled to change his subject matter after a coworker named Jane [featured in the movie] shared her personal experiences with him of being married to a man addicted to pornography.

“No one is immune. In our clinics, we have treated men and women of all ages and backgrounds…teens, and even children as young as 5-years of age.” – Dr. Randy Hyde

Mark Kastleman
Mark Kastleman

Kowallis desired to interview real people who were willing to openly show their faces and share their personal stories. This presented a challenge. Pornography addiction thrives on secrecy and is shrouded in shame. There is also fear of religious or employment recrimination.  Thus, although the statistics are staggering for those who are struggling with pornography, it is rare for someone to come forward and publicly admit to it.

“Our greatest fear as an addict is disappointing those we care about most.” – Mark Kastleman

Kowallis overcame this hurdle, and successfully gathered a group of compelling subjects who were willing to go on the record, in addition to a team of professional psychologists and authors who have devoted their lives to the subject.

“Pornography addiction is not about sex, any more than alcoholism is about the liquid in the glass.” – Mark Kastleman

porn online addict
Internet addict

Prior to watching the movie preview, Kowallis explained to the audience that the focus of his film was to educate viewers regarding modern research on the addictive properties of pornography, and to offer hope and encouragement to those who desire to end the habit.

“The latest neuropsychology and brain research clearly show that pornography viewing and other illicit sexual behaviors trigger a tidal-wave-release of powerful chemicals in the brain and nervous system…virtually identical to that of illicit drugs. An individual becomes dependent on this natural brain chemical flood for pleasure, self-medication and escape.”  – The Drug of the New Millenium: The Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use

holding handsKowallis’ film employs both the technique of documentary-style interviews with professionals and real-life sufferers, as well as re-enactments of typical events an individual may encounter. Each scene is done tastefully, and is appropriate for groups of all ages and families  to view together. I would strongly encourage this film be used as a tool for talking to children, particularly those older than 8 years, about pornography. Re-enactment scenes include: a young boy first introduced to a porn magazine by two friends; a scene of a husband purchasing materials in secret, and hiding them; a wife discovering the pornography, and the subsequent confrontation; scenes depicting the painful process of admitting the problem, relapse, and taking steps toward counselling and recovery, which eventually leads to healing.

To read more and purchase this film, go to the Official Movie Website.


Pornography addiction is a subject which is very tender to me personally. I have experienced first hand the trauma, shame and destruction which pornography addiction causes not only to the individual who is addicted, but to the spouse, parent, child, and family connected. weeping-womanAs with all addiction, the web of victims extend outward like ripples in a vast pond. The consequences are devastating. The feelings of helplessness, anger, fear and hopelessness can become unbearable and debilitating. If you fall into this category, either as a person struggling with behavior which has spiraled out of control, or as a spouse, parent, or other loved one; please do not despair. There is relief. You are not alone. Many people have felt what you are feeling, and have found the way to overcome. You can, too. First, please find someone you trust, and talk about it. Secrecy only harms, and prevents healing. Seek professional help from trustworthy sources. Things will begin to change. When both partners are committed, a marriage can not only survive but become a thriving companionship.

“The same type of process that got you into your addiction will get you out. Through the implementation of correct principles and consistent practice, you can break free.” – Candeo

Based upon statistics, Pornography has or will effect every home. For those who are novices to this subject, I encourage you to get the facts, and gather as much information as possible so that you can prevent yourself or your loved ones from falling into the trap. Likewise, you will be prepared to recognize the danger signs and seek immediate help. For those who are suffering, I want to reassure you that there is hope, there is help, and there is healing.

Each one of us faces challenges in life which can become our greatest stumbling block, or our greatest blessing. We are stronger every time we overcome something. This process requires persistence, and patience. But change is absolutely 100% possible if this is the honest desire of your heart. In closing, ponder these words of an apostle of God:

Pres. James E. Faust
Pres. James E. Faust

“We begin by making a decision to change. It takes courage and humility to admit that we need help, but few, if any of us, can do it on our own…The Lord has promised us, “My grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them” (Ether 12:27). Let us remember that the power to change is very real, and it is a great spiritual gift from God.” – President James E. Faust

May the Lord bless you on your personal journey. –MoSop



CLICK TO SEE: National Pornography Statistics

Pornography “Seconds”

Every second – $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography

Every second – 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography

Every second – 372 Internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines


Porn addiction help tips

Below are listed a few tips for dealing with porn addiction:

  • Getting blocking software for the computer
  • Putting up inspirational pictures around the computer (kids, people you love etc.)
  • Moving the computer to a public space in the home – not in a den or bedroom
  • Having an addiction prevention plan – to carry out when tempted
  • Knowing the signs of porn addiction – both the general signs and those specific to you
  • Knowing the stages of porn addiction
  • Making good use of porn addiction resources like 12-step meetings, sex addiction professionals and online recovery support groups
  • A commitment to breaking pornography addition has to be renewed one-day-at-a-time, it can be a set-up for the addict to think of it as “forever”


1. ARTICLE: “Individuals With Addictions Find Hope And Help


3. CANDEOCAN:sign up for free emails and podcasts that will educate and assist in combating and conquering Pornography addiction. Site also includes great facts and a professional counselling program for purchase.

4. BOOK: “Breaking The Silence: A Pastor Goes Public About His Battle With Pornography” – Bernie Anderson

5. BOOK: “The Drug of the New Millenium: The Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use” – Mark Kastleman

6. – Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources

7. – Sexual Recovery Institute

 8. Website: Family Safe Media 

9. RECOVERY MANUAL: A Guide To Addiction Recovery And Healing



  1. Pornography has the exact same affect as drugs do on the brain. We have seen many people change their lives world-wide once they start to strengthen their brain. We have found that if someone is struggling with this addiction, there is no quick fix. It is a process and one can gain long-term sobriety. You can watch a presentation called, “Pornography the Perfect Poison” to gain an understanding of the two-part brain and the affects pornography has on the brain.


      1. You’re welcome. Kind of a late response but better late then never : )
        We just finished our treatment system for LDS members. It is completely focused on members of the church: or
        I just wanted to let people know because it is changing many lives. Wish everyone the best that is struggling with any kind of addiction because we understand that they are not wanted.


  2. This was a very good presentation, one that every person should read. It made me wonder, is there such a thing as religious pornography? Outside of the church people chase after a false belief in God, not that God has moved, but without correct understanding of who He is, you can chase hard after him, and no matter what you find, it is never quite satisfying. You experience let down after let down, yet you keep the chase going. I have found through my participation on other Christian websites, an almost insatiable lust, an over focus, where people become so God centered, that they lose focus on things around them that really matter.

    This quote from, e4unity “Not whether all things are centered in, related to, dependent on, destined for and exist to glorify God, but whether some expressions of Christianity can become so God-focused that the significance of what is not God- including all things in human experience- are devalued and even distorted to the point of confusion in the minds of God loving/God believing people.” This comes from trying to separate the secular from the sacred, rather than blend them.

    Hence, my coining of the tag, “religious pornography”, though it may be a little harsh.


    1. cwtpmom – Wow. That’s quite a deep and interesting subject to ponder. Websters dictionary states three main definitions for Pornography:

      1. the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement

      2 : material (as books or a photograph) that depicts erotic behavior and is intended to cause sexual excitement

      3 : the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction

      Someone with a “religious pornography” addiction could definitely fall into #3.


  3. Thanks for this page and all the good stuff on your blog. May God bless you for your efforts to make a joyful noise that can be heard around the world. I specialize in helping people with pornography problems, but the problem is so huge, we need a million other voices like yours to rally behind this cause. So thanks again for what you are doing. If you or any of your readers want to see the program I use you can check out my blog at: I have about a 90% success rate in helping addicts be free of all desire for porn – usually in just 2 or 3 months – so I am excited to help anyone I can who has been struggling endlessly with this problem.

    God bless you!
    Dr. Arden Compton


    1. Dr. Compton, Thank you for your insightful comments.
      Your link to another treatment option for those seeking help with this debilitating addiction is appreciated.
      Best wishes in all the good you are doing, MoSop


  4. This is really cool. I am so glad to see the society beginning to have a raised awareness of this horrible problem.

    We need something similar to “The Unconvenient Truth” but in terms of porn addiction, in order to raise awareness.

    I really hope this movie will do just that.


  5. Hello, my name is Jason and I volunteer for SA Lifeline Foundation, a not for profit company located in Lehi, UT. You can find us online at We work everyday to spread the word about Pornography / Sexual Addiction. We have found great success and joy in helping others overcome their addiction. In the process of setting up the foundation we became acquainted with Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD. Don is a top neurosurgeon from San Antonio, Texas. He has written a book entitled “He Restoreth my Soul”. It is an amazing book that details the problem, and provides hope for recovery. The angle Don takes is unique because of his medical background. To date we have sold 17,000 books most of which have gone to Bishops, Stake Presidents, and ARP Missionaries. The book is available at all LDS retailers.

    The reason I am explaining all of this to you, is because we need your help. We are currently reaching out to blogs and website like yours asking that you provide some kind of information to your readers about the book, and or our foundation. If it would help I can put you in touch with our founders Steven and Rhyll Croshaw. They can explain more about their efforts, and the efforts of the foundation. Steven and Rhyll recently featured were in the Out in the light documentary that was shown immediately following the last conference session. Please let me know if you have any interest in helping us continue to reach out to those that struggle with this unfortunate addiction.


  6. Addiction is a very real and powerful thing. I have seen it control some of my closest friends and family. I’ve seen it wreck marriages and create walls between people. Thus the reason why my brother and I have also created a website to hopefully help people become aware of how horrable addiction can be, as well as help people understand when they are addicted and how to overcome their addiction. We have information about pornography addiction as well as other substance abuse. We will continue to try and add new information from time to time. Thanks for your information and the fight against addiction. If you would like to visit our site and/or add our site in your Recommended Resources area or anywhere else on your site we would really appreciate it. Thanks for your site and information.


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