AFRICA A’Cappella

Voice Male
Voice Male

I’m a sucker for good A Cappella. Some of my personal favorites include The NylonsTonic Sol-Fa, T Minus 5, and Take-6. I own every album recorded by VoiceMale. And, who can resist the incomparable King’s Singers? Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of vocal “pyro-techniques”. It’s amazing how the vocal instrument can be used to similate other instruments, animal noises, sound effects…you name it!

PJ in Slovenia
PJ in Slovenia

Every once in awhile a group comes along that adds a whole new dimension to what people can do with the unaccompanied voice. Recently I discovered a tremendously talented vocal group billed as “Slovenia’s only Jazz Choir” named Perpetuum Jazzile. PJ is composed of about 40 very talented (and very good looking) young people. In the interest of promoting good music, I encourage you to check out their website (hint: they have their own online radio station – listen free by clicking the play button in the Rt. hand corner).

I present to you the impressive talent of Perpetuum Jazzile, performing AFRICA.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

OK –  I guess I better add the “MoSop disclaimer” – aparently more than a few readers of my post on the Susan Boyle Phenomenon are operating under the delusion that Ms. Boyle is a Mormon because I featured her! So, just to clear things up ahead of time for these lovely young Slovenians:

“I am a Mormon. I am a musician. I love good music. I often feature good music on my blog. Although many of my musical spotlights may be Mormon, many may not. [because, as “shocking” as it may be to some, good musical talent is not exclusive to Mormonism!]. 🙂 – MoSop


  1. If you like a cappella music (and especially if you like Take 6), you need to check out my favorite a cappella jazz group, The Real Group:

    Their first few albums are classic amongst us vocal jazz types. Also, a CA group that is amazing is M-Pact:

    I think you would really enjoy their Christmas album, “The Carol Commission.” All their stuff is good.

    There a many others. Enjoy for now.


  2. Beautiful music thank you!
    One of my favorite groups is ‘Eclipse‘ a vocal group of six creating explosive sound, driving rhythms, and lush harmonies using only one instrument:
    the human mouth.

    My favorite “Be Still My Soul”


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