The Four T’s

ABCOne of the most memorable talks given by President Gordon B. Hinckley, 15th Prophet and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints was given in November of 2000, and entitled “A Prophet’s Counsel and Prayer for Youth“. But LDS Church members know it as “The 6 B’s“; which stand for “Be Grateful, Be Smart, Be Clean, Be True, Be Humble, Be Prayerful”. Later on, he added 3 more (‘Positive’, ‘Still’, and ‘Involved’), for a total of 9 B’s. 4th Be TrueMormons love this talk. It was an instant hit. It was masterful in it’s wisdom, but simple enough for a child. It was easy to memorize. And, crafty Mormon women everywhere, (and a few savvy marketers) were thrown into a creative frenzy with the whole B’s = Bees (as in Bumble Bees & Beehives). A darling little quick-read book was eventually published entitled “Way To Be: 9 Ways To Be Happy And Make Something Of Your Life“. (I highly recommend it)

Bottom Line: B’s are a “popular letter” in Mormonism.

But, what about the T’s?

I didn’t know about them until today. There’s Four – and I’m afraid they’ve been sadly overshadowed by the B’s. So, I aim to bring them out of obscurity!

I stumbled on the T’s in a First Presidency message published in the September 1997 church Ensign. It was written by then-apostle, now current LDS President Thomas S. Monson.

The title says it all: “Tears, Trials, Trust, Testimony“.

OK – I don’t know about you, but those four T’s pretty much sum up my life!

The article is good reading. I recommend it. The message is filled with some compelling stories of Mormon pioneer sacrifice and faith; including one of the miracles during  the construction of the St. George Tabernacle in 1863 which I had forgotten and brought tears to my eyes.

Here’s the core message President Monson desired us to learn from the Four T’s:

President Thomas S. Monson
President Monson

“Faith forged in the furnace of trials and tears is marked by trust and testimony. Only God can count the sacrifice; only God can measure the sorrow; only God can know the hearts of those who serve Him—then and now.” Ensign Message, 1997

It’s very poetic, isn’t it? Certainly worth re-reading. Maybe the T’s are not quite as memorable as the B’s. And, all our poor crafty Mormon folk might have a little more challenge  (T’s = Golf Tees? T-Shirts? TeePees?). I still really like those 4 T’s, though. I relate to them. They resonate with my reality. Not that I stand around suffering and crying all day! I just agree with the outlook that life is hard, and it seems that after we get done dealing with one trial, we usually get the ‘opportunity’ to tackle a new one. I also agree that our faith and testimony grows when we succeed. I thought I’d share the T’s with you, because maybe you can relate to them as well. Perhaps you’d even like to dust them off and set them beside the B’s. Everyone can use a little spiritual encouragement.

Nice to keep it as simple as A-B-C..and T. – MoSop

If The Way Be Full of Trial, Weary Not


  1. Thank you for the “4 T’s”…….very timely for my life right now!

    PS… you know my good friend Debbie Gull? (we went to college together)


  2. Can I reblog this on the WordPress Ward? I would just take the first paragraph and then put a link that says “Read the Rest on”. I’m going to start doing “Sunday Talks” which I will just highlight past spiritual blog posts from other people blogs on Sunday.


    1. Hubbard, I would be honored to have you feature this post. No need to copy and paste and link. When you are in the reading page of a particular post (like this one) you just click the handy “Reblog” word at the top of your WordPress screen.. It will create a truncated post for you and you can even put your own comment at the top. 🙂 Cheers

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