Come, Come Ye Saints, All Is Well

pioneer-wagonsToday is a special day. On July 24, 2009 the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley after years of persecution and an arduous trek of over 1300 miles – blazing what became known as the Mormon Trail. I have blogged before about Honoring The Mormon Pioneers, and my own pioneer heritage. It is something I treasure. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for their courage and determination to build a life free to worship how they choose, and raise their families in security. This video shares clips of movies reenacting that experience. It is set to one of the most beloved hymns of The Latter-day Saints – a song written during the trek that became an anthem of the pioneer legacy, and a song of faith and hope for all generations. “Come, Come, Ye Saints“.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

My family and I will be making our own trek this morning. Since today is a State holiday, all of the Utah LDS Temples are closed. This posed a problem. We have been striving to attend a temple each weekend as a family. Instead of allowing our goal to be thwarted, we decided to take a family road trip to Idaho where we will get to attend TWO temples; The REXBURG IDAHO TEMPLE and the IDAHO FALLS TEMPLE . 2005-buick-rendezvousAs we embark this morning, I can’t help think of the contrasts between this experience and that of our ancestors! We will be driving in the luxury of our air-conditioned SUV, while listening to music on a radio. We will drive over 200 miles which will take us less than 4 hours. If we get hungry for a snack, or have to go to the bathroom, we will just stop at a gas station or Rest Area for a few minutes. When we arrive at our destination, we will attend not one, but two beautiful Temples of our God, and tonight we will be sleeping in a hotel with a swimming pool, showers with hot running water, and fluffy mattresses. praying-handsHow does one express enough gratitude for this? I can’t. I don’t know. It makes me feel so many mixed components of guilt and joy. I suppose the best way is just to go forward in faith and joy. I really can’t help thinking there is no better way for us to honor Pioneer Day. But, before I get into that fluffy hotel bed tonight, you can be sure I will be kneeling beside it with my family, and we will thank our Heavenly Father for the pioneers.


  1. “It makes me feel so many mixed components of guilt and joy. ” Your ancestors had this dream that someday their children would enjoy what you feel guilty about. I hope they don’t know you feel guilty for enjoying what they wanted you to have 😉


  2. I am an unaffiliated Christian (the same church as Jesus and the Apostles). I was raised Catholic and educated in a Catholic University. I am familiar generally with the history of the LDS .. their trek from Navou to SLC ..I served in the military with LDS Christians. I have to say that my experiences with LDS have always been positive and that LDS seesm to be a positive influence in any community (God fearing, decent, moral, truly American and loyal Americans, charitable, neighborly). Though I am not familiar with the tenets of the religion, the outcomes all seem very favorable. I have liked (respected and enjoyed) every Mormon I ever knew.


    1. PJP – thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, they are much appreciated!
      I’m so happy you have had many positive LDS friends and good experiences. I would like to encourage you to visit the website to learn more about the tenets of our religion. This will help explain more about the favorable outcomes you have noticed. I hope you will visit this site again, too. Best wishes! MoSop


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