Gracie’s Theme has Cardall’s Healing Touch

Cardall Family
Cardall Family

Mormon musician Paul Cardall was born in 1973 with a severe congenital heart defect. He has undergone countless surgeries, and is currently wait-listed for a heart transplant. This is his last hope. He dreams of living long enough to raise his little girl Eden alongside his beautiful wife Lynette. 

Ironically, Paul possesses an exceptional art for healing others. Despite his failing health, he remains an unfailing inspiration and source of hope. He uses his musical gifts to comfort, bless and heal the world one person at a time. Paul doesn’t get to the piano much these days, but when he does, the music comes straight from his broken heart.

This week, I was extremely touched by his new composition entitled “Gracie’s Theme“. Paul shared his thoughts on this piece:

Paul Cardall and Baby“Over the years I have been deeply affected by other sick children. One particular child was Gracie, a baby who passed after a failed heart transplant. It’s heartbreaking to watch parents fight to keep their children alive only to see them slowly slip back into Gods loving arms. However, it is inspiring to witness children whove been fortunate to continue their journey in this life. I am one of those. Regardless of the outcome it seems these experiences teach the value of life and how fragile it truly is. We live for a short while, but in the end we all go home to that God who gave us life.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.


For more music videos by Paul, visit the Cardall YouTube Channel. You may also download Cardall music selections, and help support his fight for life at Paul’s “Living For Eden” Blog.



Paul Cardall received his heart transplant, and is doing fabulous! What an inspiration and miracle he is. A benefit concert is planned for Feb. 15th, 2009. See video!:


  1. Are there any word s to Gracie’s theme ? I heard the song on my Bose while I was a sleep and the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard was singing them and I cantseem to find thAt version on u tube , please let me know as soon as possible. Was the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. Thank you


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