MormonNews Blog Arrival

Important AnnouncementThis week the LDS (Mormon) Church finally graduated to the quintessential level of new media use. Yes, the rumors are true! The Public Affairs Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints has launched a blog.

Although the site includes a disclaimer that things “should not necessarily be viewed as official statements of The Church“, they certainly could not have designed it to look any more official (and dare I venture, more than a tad boring) than they have. However, I give them a pass. Blogs are living, breathing, continually morphing and developing offspring. I should know. My baby’s undergone several reconstructive surgeries already in her brief lifetime, and there will undeniably be more.

As first-time parents, PA is typically feeling overprotective and hiding their newborn’s comment boxes. But, one step at a time. There’s always room for improvement and growth. For now, the most important thing is that they have given birth to a healthy bouncing blog. A Hearty Congratulations All Around!

MoSop extends her official welcome to NewsRoom Blog. I have no doubt they will become an important contributor to Religious conversation in the global Blog-o-sphere community. I look forward to watching the direction and subject matter of their posts, and resulting [monitored] conversations [hint hint].

UPDATE Aug. 21:  Check Out MormonNews Facebook 

[conversations allowed ;)]

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