9/11 Survivor Finds Peace

As we prepare to commemorate the anniversary of September 11, 2001 – one of America’s saddest days, there is opportunity for reflection, healing and peace. In this powerful video, survivor Victor Guzman describes his personal journey from the tragedy and trauma of 9/11, to hope, healing, and renewal.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Created by Mormon Messages


  1. Dear Mormon Soprano,
    I so much enjoyed reading your comments on my most recent post! I remember and appreciate the comments you made quite awhile ago. Boy, your blog posts are the most colorful and interesting in appearance and in content of almost any others I’ve seen!

    Your fellow Mormon Blogger! Neil Birch (In Finnish Birch is “Koivu” The Finns can’t pronounce Birch so I’m just Veli (brother) Koivu (Birch, like in Birch trees which abound in Suomi (in Finland).


  2. Good Wednesday morning:

    My name is William Armstrong of Toronto Canada. Your story on 911 survivor Victor Guzman is so inspirational, words cannot express my feelings. I’d very much like to meet Mr. Guzman. Does he ever speak publically or is there some other way of having a chance to talk to him? I’d appreciate that very much.

    Warm Regards,

    William Armstrong


    1. Hello William! Thank you for visiting, and for your comment. Unfortunately, I do not know Brother Guzman personally, so I cannot answer to your question. However, a possible way to contact him would be to go to the Mormon Messages YouTube channel, [creators of this video], and click on “send message”. Perhaps they would be agreeable to pass your message along to Victor, and then he could contact you. Good luck, and best wishes!


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