First Annual MoSop Advent

Today is December 1st, and Christmas is definitely “in the air” in my hometown! Hopefully, you are starting to feel the holiday cheer as well. It is going to be a very busy season for me, and the Mo family. This year, Mr. MoSop and I are each members of separate choirs with extensive performance schedules. Our college-aged daughter is cramming for finals, and then will be working a seasonal job. Our High School daughter has a myriad of upcoming activities, school concerts and parties. And, all of us will be attending our extended family gatherings. I am sure your household can relate! The “holiday rush” tends to make one teeter on the edge of insanity. Therefore, Mormon Soprano’s goal is to ‘stop the madness’., and help keep things in perspective with a daily Christmas message. Be it a poem, a story, a recipe, or a music video. I know how busy we all are, so I promise to make it short and sweet. For lack of a better title, I’m dubbing this the “First Annual MoSop Advent”.

DC Temple Lights

“On The First Day Of Christmas, MoSop shared with me… ”


For those fortunate readers who reside on the eastern USA coast, or will be visiting during the month of December, be sure to make the 32nd Annual Festival of Lights part of your celebration. This stunning light display is held yearly on the expansive garden grounds of the LDS Washington DC Temple. Guests can also warm their hands and hearts inside the visitors center where nativities from around the world are displayed. Several short holiday movies are offered, such as the Jimmy Stewart classic “Mr. Krueger’s Christmas“. And, beginning Dec. 4th, nightly concerts will be performed by renoun musical artists. Everything is free of charge to the public!

Here is a video highlight of the event, with a special holiday message by LDS President Thomas S. Monson. Let the Christmas Magic Begin!


Update: A Free Washington DC Temple Shuttle is available to and from the Metro station.

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