A Cheerleading Victory Like No Other

Syracuse-High-Cheerleaders-inspirational-storyThis is a story about how one unlikely girl fulfilled her dream of becoming a cheerleader. It’s really a story about hope, and love, and what’s right with the world.

The idea of “cheering someone on” is not a modern concept. Most people think of it in connection to sporting events. However, there are actually many ways and means to be a cheerleader. In biblical times, the Apostle Paul demonstrated his expertise as a spiritual cheerleader. When he couldn’t visit congregations in person, he wrote powerful letters [epistles] to cheer, inspire and teach the Christian followers. In one of those letters, he taught a young disciple named Timothy how to be the best kind of cheerleader:

“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. –  1 Tim 4:12

A group of High School cheerleaders in Syracuse, Utah and a girl named Brittany Crockett have taken Paul’s instruction to heart. These young ladies defy every negative bias you might have about teenagers. Their story cheers, inspires and teaches exactly how to “Be an Example“, no matter your age, or your circumstances!

Read the full story of Brittany Crockett and the Syracuse Cheer Squad HERE


  1. I love this video! I currently attend Syracuse High School, and when they made the announcement at the assembly that Brittney was going to be an honorary cheerleader, I literally started to cry. I believe we have some of the best cheerleaders ever at SHS. Not only are they extremely talented, but they are willing to accept Brittney onto their team.
    Go Titans! 😀


  2. Your story has touched the part of what is good in all of us. Cherish this experience, always. You guys rock!! Best wishes to all!! Your school and community should be proud of the character they are building in their youth.


  3. I am a cheerleader and I go to Westlake in Saratoga Springs…

    I honestly have so much respect for Syracuse now. Before they were just another team we were competing against, but I’ve never really thought about how nice the girls on the other team may be.

    We usually ignore each other at games because the rivalry, so we don’t really make friendships. But if we ever play Syracuse I will definitely come over and say something. You girls are my role model:)


  4. As nice as this story is and tugs at the heart, it’s just an example of Mormon beliefs. If I do these good things, God will love me more and I’ll be rewarded more. It’s not the true Gospel. The Bible is true, not the Book of Mormon. It’s by Grace and grace alone and Christ’s death alone on the cross that we are saved, not in addition to All we can do. This girl needs to really know the depth of her sin. Even with her horrible disease, she needs to truly repent and trust Jesus alone for her salvation. By faith, not by getting some warm tingly feelings to discern if the Book of Mormon is true. It isn’t. It’s made up of lies and plagerizeses from the King James Bible, which was supposedly written after the Book of Mormon. By the way, I’m originally from Mancester, NY, where Joseph Smith had his so called revelation. The locals knew he was con man and ran him out of town. If you think I’m spewing hate, I’m not. I’m speaking tought love and you need to really investigate the claims of Mormonism and you will see it is not true.


    1. Chuck,

      Thank you for visiting my website. I acknowledge your viewpoint. I am happy to share mine.

      I have spent over 45 years studying and living the beautiful doctrines of Mormonism. I choose to be a devout believer because it gives me personal peace and purpose in my life. It has strengthened my marriage and my family, brought me closer to Jesus Christ my Savior, and, it makes me joyful. No one else has to choose the same path. I built my blog to share some of my joy and peace with the world in the hope it will help ease the load for someone else, and share something positive in a negative world. The great thing about this life is that we all get to choose what we will believe in, how we will act and react to our circumstances, and how we will treat others during the time we are allotted.

      You are right, my friend. Mormons strive to Do Good. We certainly aren’t trying to “earn our way to heaven”. We simply want to honor our Savior by keeping his command to “Come and Follow” Him and walk in His ways. You have expressed belief in the Bible as being true scripture. I, like all Mormons, wholeheartedly agree. The Book of Mormon does not replace the Bible. It is a companion and second witness for Jesus. You are invited to have a free copy any time you like. Despite enduring a long heritage of misunderstanding, hatred, criticism, mockery, intolerance, and even murder – the Mormon people have continued to move forward and keep our faith. We choose to extend kindness and forgiveness to those who cannot do the same. I am not a perfect person. I never will be. I praise God for his grace, and I forever give thanks for the millions of people in this world of any faith who are doing good for our suffering little planet. No one ever has to accept another persons beliefs and doctrines in order to accept their brotherly and sisterly kindness, selfless service, tolerance, and good deeds. These beautiful cheerleaders featured in this video have demonstrated all of those qualities and so much more. They are a wonderful light in a dark world, and true examples of what Christlike love can be. It is my prayer we may all follow their example. – MoSop


  5. MoSop,

    Hello I’m Brittany Crockett from the video and I just wanted to thank you for putting my video up on your website as well as all the compliments you have given to me and my cheerleader friends. I know that you posted it nearly 3 years ago and I don’t even know if you will get this but when I noticed it on your sight I nearly began to cry. Not only for the fact that my video was put on but just all the sweet things you said. I can tell you honestly that it made my day so much brighter. So even though you posted it a long time ago as I graduated High School and said farewell to many of my wonderful cheer sisters a long time ago it still means the world to me as it would have if I were still 18 instead of 21 like I am today. I really hope you are able to read this and that it lifts your spirit like you did to mine. Though I already know that nothing I write can compare with the wonderful things you wrote about me and my fellow cheerleaders. So thanks MoSop I will forever remember what you said about me and use it to be a better person.


    Brittany Crockett

    SHS Honorary Cheerleader 2009-2011


    1. Hello Brittany, how wonderful to hear from you! I’m glad you found my blog and that it made you happy. 🙂
      Your comment definitely lifted me up and warmed my heart tonight. I hope that life is treating you kind and that you keep finding exciting new ways to serve and be served by others!


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