Smith’s Testimony Shines in Video

Latter-day Saint student and film maker Seth Adam Smith has been creating and sharing poignant YouTube videos since the mid 2000’s. Many of these have been featured at Mormon Soprano. This week, Seth released The Testimony of Joseph Smith, which he says took over two years to make, and is as much a statement of his own spiritual witness, as that of the prophet.

Seth Adam Smith

In 2004, while attending the BYU Semester at Nauvoo, I spent a lot of time researching and pondering the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. I would often sit at the bench next to his grave and think about the things I had both heard and felt. In the quiet of those nights, I gained a firm conviction of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith’s testimony which I cannot deny.

MoSop adds her personal witness to that of Seth’s. I believe Joseph Smith was a true prophet, chosen by God. He was an eye witness of God the Father and Jesus Christ. Through Joseph, God restored to the world what had been lost, and revealed more marvelous truths. Because of Joseph’s humble obedience, and unwavering devotion, he was despised and suffered every indignity, persecution and false accusation imaginable. Yet, Joseph would never forsake or deny his witness, and ultimately sealed it with his innocent blood. Murderous villians were able to take Joseph’s life, but they could not silence his voice, nor thwart God’s mighty work upon this earth, because truth never dies.

I invite you to watch, listen, and feel the spirit of this truth. – MoSop

1. Read more about the Prophet Joseph at

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