Prepare For A Miracle: Bronson’s Story

In a world where we experience a continual barrage of discouraging information and negative news, it often seems impossible to find hope. How do we rise above it all? How can we find higher meaning? How do we have faith?

I’ve learned through personal experience that it is only by entering darkness that we may emerge into brighter light. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a tragedy to give new  perspective, but also allows us to experience a miracle, like the story of Bronson.

On Jan. 30, 2010 the Staker family were plunged into an unexpected darkness when their 16-month old son Bronson was pronounced Dead On Arrival at a Utah hospital.  Bronson’s mother Sara had become distracted during bathtime, and briefly left him unattended in the tub. She returned to find her precious little boy floating lifeless. Despite frantic attempts by Sara and the Emergency Response team, Bronson could not be revived. For the Staker family, a living nightmare closed in. 

But, Bronson’s story did not end here.  

God has a plan for each of us, and His plan for Bronson involved stunning the medical community, and inspiring countless souls to believe;

“God has not ceased to be a God of miracles.”

Book of Mormon 9:15

Connected to life support,  the toddler underwent an experimental procedure called “therapeutic hypothermia”. The devout LDS family immersed themselves in prayer, and Sara found comfort in her talent for writing and photography. The Staker blog became a personal diary of one family’s journey of faith, and eventually a witness to Bronson’s remarkable recovery. This family video documents Bronson’s Miracle.

“We know that Bronson’s miracle was not just given to him. Not even just to us. We believe it was given for the benefit of mankind. To show forth the all-powerful hand of God . . . We promise to do our best to give back. To raise awareness. To help others to learn vicariously through my mistake . . . to reevaluate and to prioritize. And most importantly, we commit to bear testimony and stand as witnesses of God.  At all times, and in all things and in all places.”
– Sara Staker

The Stakers have been bearing witness in many places. Online news sources have shared Bronson’s inspirational story, including Meridian Magazine, and multiple blogs. The story was covered by local TV and radio stations, and then took the national stage on NBC’s TODAY SHOW March 12th 2010. The special feature and live interview was entitled: 

Toddler Comes Back From The Dead

None of us can prepare for the mistakes, disappointments and sorrow placed in our path. We also cannot choose the outcome. We can only choose how we will face each obstacle, and walk forward. As the Staker Family continues on their journey together, it is certain to be a joyful one no matter where their path leads or what new challenges lay in store, because they have learned to travel hand in hand with God.

As we Countdown to Conference, let us remember to hold God’s hand a little tighter, and be prepared for a miracle. – MoSop


  1. Oh dear god I really needed to read this as I pray for a miracle as well I am going through the same situation and I really need all the prayers. I’m full of pain and sorrow I need Si much support please of please get in contact with me I really need to talk to you if anyone can pass this message please do so my 10 month Isabella is on life support for same reason and dr give no good news or hope I need help and prayers please


    1. Mayra,
      I’m so sorry to hear of your great sorrow and your daughter’s hospitalization. I do not have contact information for the family in this story, I have only shared their story as an inspiring reminder that miracles are real. However, I will keep you and Isabella in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings, MoSop


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