Hi, I’m A Mormon Unplugged

Over the past year, the official Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint “website to the world” – MORMON.ORG – has been implementing a new, personalized format filled with searchable member profile pages, and video spotlights. If you have a facebook account, you’ve likely seen a few sidebar ads and videos featuring these individuals. It’s Mormons “unplugged”! Telling their stories, sharing their opinions, and faith, and lives, all in their own words.

Mormon.org Profiles

The message? Mormons are regular, average people just like you. We’re single, or married. We’re raising families, or have empty nests. We’re young, middle-aged or old. We’re  Gospel Singers, Surfers, High Powered Music Executives, Motorcycle Enthusiasts, NASA Space Engineers, MayorsHumanitarian Doctors, DentistsWomen Ophthalmologists, Basketball Coaches, Cyclists, Busy Two-career couples. . .or any other occupation or title you can think up. You name it. That’s Mormons. How about people with special needs children or Muscular Dystrophy? Those who have experienced the Death of a Child? A Reformed addict, have been homeless, or have served time?A Golfer that dreams of being a musician?A Survivor of 9-11 in The World Trade Center? A New York Fashion Designer? A Research Coordinator? A Painter with Parrots? Yep. We’ve got all those! We’re American, Canadian, Russian, Australian, Mexican, Polish, Indian, Chinese. . . We are Global, 14 Million strong and growing. Some of us are famous news anchors, but most are average citizens. We’re wealthy, or middle-class, or poor. We’re you’re boss, co-worker, friend, or next door neighbor.

mormon.org profiles screenshot

Mormons are trying a new transparency. They are embracing the internet like never before, and taking it by storm. You’ve heard rumors, speculations, opinions and judgments about Mormons and Mormonism all of your life, right? So, what is it? Who are they really? Maybe you’re skeptical, or curious. Well, now’s your chance to learn about Mormons from Mormons, without actually having to invite those two young white-shirt-and-tie boys in that keep knocking on your door.  Just  ‘Meet-a-Mormon’ virtually, in the privacy of your own kitchen, den, or dorm-room. See who has the same name, ethnicity, or even  Hometown in minutes from your PC, iPad, laptop,  smart-phone, etc. and then make your own assessment.

Will this public awareness campaign change the entire world and make everyone embrace Mormonism? Nope. Mormons don’t really expect that. It’s a given that many people will dogmatically hold to the ideas that ‘Mormonism is a Cult’, ‘Mormons should not be trusted’, ‘Mormons worship a different Jesus’, or even the old ‘Mormons are Polygamists’ [seriously people, can we at least get past that one?]. However, quite a few others may find themselves pleasantly surprised, possibly a tad unsettled, even genuinely relieved to find out that Mormons are a lot like them. Or, in other words, Mormons are actually. . . really cool!

So, join the wave! Come check out the Mormons. Unplugged. No strings attached.

And, if any readers are interested, Here’s My Profile. Cheers! – MoSop


    1. John Paul – Hello!! I’ve missed you. How are you my friend? Hope life is treating you well. Thanks so much for taking the time to read all of that! 🙂


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