Global Casting Call For Bible Film Project

Image from “The Good Samaritan”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is embarking on an ambitious, if slightly daunting, film project. The goal? To reinact every story told in the New Testament.

That’s a lot of stories! And, it requires a lot of people. Which means, whether you are a professional actor, or a novice, you have the potential to become a part of movie-making history.

The LDS Movie Studio has a reputation for producing professional, authentic, and beautiful dramas of the highest quality. Two well known past projects include the movies LEGACY – a retelling of the Mormon Pioneer migration, and THE TESTAMENTS: Of One Fold and One Shepherd – depicting stories from The Bible and The Book of Mormon. This new project will be one of its largest-scale endeavors yet.

LDS Casting Video Still

In an effort to attract participants from around the world for The New Testamant project, the Church has created a new short video which serves as a visual aid showing the desired “look” of a participant. In a nutshell, people of all ages and ethnicity are encouraged to apply, however, generally those with dark hair/eyes, and olive skin are in highest demand. Bald? No problem. Not a professional actor? No problem. Don’t live in Utah / USA? No problem. Not a Mormon? No problem. You do not have to be LDS to be involved in this project. Everyone interested is encouraged to apply! Actors will be paid. Those who live outside of Utah and the United States will be provided lodging, and other assistance if chosen to participate. You can read the full Casting Notice at The More Good Foundation site.

A rough breakdown of expected roles for the New Testament project is posted on the official casting website, numbering more than 50 different principal and supporting roles. However, for every speaking role, there are many more “extra” and “featured extra” (nonspeaking) roles in each scene that need to be filled.

“The New Testament production will serve many purposes, including providing source material for the Church Educational System, missionary efforts, visitors’ center exhibits, online Mormon Messages, stock footage for general conference broadcasts, and other projects.

“Filming will begin in spring 2011 on the Church’s studio backlot near Salt Lake City, Utah, and will continue through the summer. All are encouraged to participate —seasoned actors, amateur performers, even those with no acting experience.”

For a full listing of Global site auditions, as well as instructions for how to send a video audition, and apply online, check out The New Testament Project Page.

The first segment produced in the series entitled “The Good Samaritan“, can be watched on the Church News & Events Site

An Image from “The Good Samaritan” LDS New Testament Project

Many past film projects by the LDS church have depicted New Testament scenes. Here is a scene from a production entitled “Finding Faith In Christ” which shows typical imagery the New Testament Project will be striving for.

Note: This blog post is for providing information only, and has no official connection to the film project. If you are interested in participating, please go to the LDS Church Audiovisial Department Casting Office website


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