New LDS Church Web Design Launched

After three months of Beta testing, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has launched its new and improved official website design for

New Screenshot

This website is designed to meet the specific needs of baptised members, however it is also open to the general public to search and enjoy. The new design offers much easier navigation tools, color coded menu catagories, a larger type face, and beautiful photos. 

Just a few of the many pages of interest are: GENERAL CONFERENCE , Church Music, Temples, Serving In The Church, Church News & Events, Facts & Figures, We Can Live With God Again, YOUTHHumanitarian Service and Scriptures

To learn more about how to utilize the new site, you can watch an overview video here.

To make the transition to the new site easier, the old is still available at  if you want to refer to old content that is not yet part of the new – LDS MediaTalk

JUST CURIOUS? profiles screenshot

A separate official website entitled is designed specifically for people just wanting to learn a little more about basic Mormon beliefs. This site offers a searchable database to find Mormons in your local area with thousands of member spotlights and profile pages from around the world. Check it out!


  1. I apologize for getting too involved in other things to check out your web site. Actually I have been involved in a challenging series of Post Comments with a man who calls himself a “Book of Mormon Christian.” You may possibly want to log into my blog anytime after 1:00 a.m. on December 7th, this coming Tuesday (Pearl Harbor Day) to read a summary of what came of that exchange of Comments!

    Keep up the great work! Neil


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