Shining Star: Song For Christmas

For many years the LDS Church magazines have published new songs and hymns by talented Mormon musicians. Now, thanks to the updated official church website, it is easier than ever to find these treasures. This week, I will be sharing some of these with you. Today’s feature is a song entitled “Shining Star” published in the December 1979 issue of the NEW ERA magazine.

1. If I had lived in Galilee
Or walked Jerusalem’s road,
Followed Jesus by Jordan’s sea,
Would I have tried to lift His load?
2. I wonder what my thoughts,
If I had seen the shining star
If it had been my happy lot
To hear the angels from afar.
Would I have followed wisemen
With a loving gift of mine,
To a stable in Bethlehem
Leaving all else behind?
O silent skies, so full of light,
Shine peace on this world tonight.
Let hate and envy, grief and wars
Be hid forever beneath shining stars.

Shining Star Words by Eleanor P. Madsen Music by RaeAnn Rasmuson – free sheet music and lyrics available here.


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