The First Christmas Song

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Today I am sharing a beautiful Christmas song written by Julie and Darwin Wolford which was published in the LDS Church New Era Magazine, December 1991.
1. The earth was bathed in clean, pure light,
As heavenward the star burned bright,
A sign from God to men on earth
To tell the world of Jesus’ birth.
2. Ye shepherds, wisemen homage bring,
Come kneel before this tiny king.
See love, God’s greatest gift to all,
Personified in lowly stall.
As angel choirs sang “Gloria,”
Mary hummed a lullaby,
Rocked and hushed her tiny child,
While Joseph watched o’er both and smiled.

Words by Julie Lofgren Wolford, Music by Darwin Wolford. Copyright © 1991 by Darwin Wolford, Used by permission. This song may be copied for incidental, noncommercial church and home use – click here for free sheet music.

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  1. I took theory from Brother Wolford, and was privileged to sing this for him. I have sung it every year at Christmas time since. It is one of my favorite Christmas tradition.


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