Happiness On Monday – Steve and Jackie Chan

I don’t know about you, but Monday’s always turn out to be crazy busy, complicated, and generally depressing for me. This is especially true if it comes on the heals of such a FANTASTIC Saturday and Sunday! But, thanks to my wonderful friends the PianoGuys, I’ve now had my “happiness bucket” replenished for the day. . . perhaps the entire week! Enjoy! – MoSop

Me And My Cello – So Happy Together


Notes From Steve:

**NO INSTRUMENTS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO** — we used a “stunt” cello for these scenes just in case — and we were really careful out of respect for the instrument. After all the filming, “Jackie” (named after Jackie Chan since he does all his own stunts) only had one minor scratch inflicted by a shopping cart… (this proves the saying that statistically there are more shopping cart accidents than sky diving accidents)

“This video is dedicated to all of my music teachers that taught me to have FUN with music — to let it live and breathe rather than insist it be dead and dissected. As for my other music teachers that didn’t teach me to have fun…I’ll try to make a video for you some other time.” 🙂 —Steven Sharp Nelson


Be Happy Every Day!

Download at iTunes here

Download at Amazon.com here

Download the “cello only” version HERE:

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