Adeste Fideles: A Christmas Hymn of Adoration

“Adeste Fideles”, commonly known in English as “O Come, All Ye Faithful” is a very popular hymn sung at Christmas time. At various times, the lyrics were attributed to St. Bonaventura, the 13th century Italian scholar, and others, including  the Portuguese, the Germans, the Spanish, and the Cistercian order of monks. The music tune was attributed to many composers, including John Reading, Sr., John Reading, Jr., and even Handel.

Vocal music can be contracted into two staves,...
Vocal music can be contracted into two staves, using the treble and bass clefs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, since the 1940s it has been concluded that both the lyrics and tune were actually written by the 18th century English-born musician John Francis Wade (1711-1786). Wade lived much of his life in France, making his living copying, selling, and promoting plainchant music for the Catholic church. Wade’s piece “Adeste Fideles / O Come All Ye Faithful” has arguably endured as his greatest musical legacy. Over the centuries, it has been arranged by countless composers, and performed and recorded by hundreds of famous vocal artists and choirs. According to some sources, there were originally seven verses to Wade’s poem, although modern performances have generally shortened to three or four verses. In this recent video, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir with the Orchestra at Temple Square perform a rousing rendition by Dr. Mack Wilberg.


O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
Christ the Lord!

“At this Christmas time of year, we rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, who has invited us all to come unto Him and into the light. We can read in the scriptures of the men and women who were blessed to literally come to Him at the time of the Nativity. Some came from afar, while others were closer by. Some received angelic visitations, and others acted on personal revelation. But each accepted the invitation to come to Him.” – Come, Let Us Adore Him Elder Patrick Kearon

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