God’s Greatest Creation

Our world is full of so many amazing, awesome and inspiring creations!

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everywhere we turn there’s something new and different to see, hear, smell or taste! It’s impossible to fully comprehend the breathtaking majesty of planet Earth, and there simply is not enough time to explore all of her wonders.

But, there is one majestic creation that surpasses them all!


As children of God, we are His greatest creation.

“Anyone who studies the workings of the human body has surely seen God moving in His majesty and power.” –Elder Russell M. Nelson

Elder Russell M. Nelson was called to be one of the Twelve apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 7, 1984. Prior to his apostleship, Dr. Nelson practiced as an internationally renowned surgeon and medical researcher, specializing in open heart surgery. This video was created from an excerpt of Elder Nelson’s April 2012 LDS General Conference talk entitled “Thanks Be To God“. Enjoy!


“How much better it would be if all could be more aware of God’s providence and love and express that gratitude to Him. Ammon taught, “Let us give thanks to [God], for he doth work righteousness forever.” (Alma 26:8Our degree of gratitude is a measure of our love for Him.”


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