Life Lessons

I’m writing tonight from a hospital room. One of my children was hospitalized late last night. After lots of tests, we are relieved to learn that the complication is not a life threatening issue. Healing will come with time, effort and skilled care. But, even though it is not life-ending, it is definitely life changing, and life redirect-ing. In other words, it’s life happening! Our family has seen many tender mercies this week. I feel truly blessed in all things. We are especially blessed to have access to excellent medical care (whether it’s “affordable” is yet to be seen…). After enduring a long, dark and dreary night – both literally and figuratively – look at this amazing view the morning brought us!


My message today is that no matter what happens to us, I truly believe that our Heavenly Father  is aware of us. He is blessing us step by step through the remarkable learning and growing opportunities we are given here on earth. Of course, these “remarkable” experiences are usually uncomfortable, often scary and sometimes downright miserable. But, they are still remarkable, nonetheless. This latest “remarkable experience” our family is experiencing is simply another challenge on the road of life. What we will learn from it and where we will go from here is still yet to be revealed. But, we place our trust in our loving Heavenly Parent that He has a Plan, and we begin to walk forward. One of my favorite poets expressed it so beautifully, this way;


first steps
first steps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, my fretting
Frowning child,
I could cross the room
To you
More easily.

But, I’ve already
learned to walk,
So I make you
Come to me.

Let go, now –
You see?

Oh, remember
This simple lesson,
And when
In later years
You cry out
With tight fists
And tears –
“Oh, help me,
God – please” –
Just listen
And you’ll hear
A silent voice:

“I would child,
I would.
But I know
It’s you, not I,
Who needs to grow.”

by Carol Lynn Pearson


  1. You know, we just never know what exactly we’ll have to go through in this life, but we can understand that if we go through it, it will be for our profit and learning, and that we will be able draw closer to our Savior if we go through the refiners fire rather than just around. I had an old ward friend growing up that I found out got a rare infection that ended up eating away at his face and was so fast it nearly killed him. They actually had to remove one of his eye’s to stop part of it and it really was a miracle that he survived. In the end he realized that, though he has been through so much, he is not yet like Job as he has heard and seen the prayers of family and friends round about him to help bare him up. How glad I am that he is still alive and hasn’t lost his faith. It is experiences such as his and your child’s and all of those round about us on a daily basis, that have such a strong faith in Him that teach us the importance to not give up on Him, no matter what because we are never alone through these trials. Thank you Sister MoSop and may your child heal quickly through your’s and and their diligence. We will keep her in our prayers. It is amazing how close you can fel to someone that you have never met face to face and yet you know that they are your family. Take care!


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