Blessings Come Down

There’s a small plaque hanging in my kitchen that reads “When Prayers Go Up, Blessings Come Down”. Simplistic? I don’t think so anymore. If there ever were any doubts, today we clearly received the effects of so many prayers going up on behalf of our daughter and our family. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

God’s blessings have poured down in magnificent ways this day.

  • The medical care continues to be excellent at the hospital.
  • We appreciated the big response beginning at 8:00 am this morning when specialist after specialist arrived making assessments and giving us more information. After the slower pace and minimal services over the weekend where “stabilization” was the priority, now it was as if suddenly someone had yelled “ACTION!” and the patient moved to center stage with a spotlight.
  • A case worker was assigned to us as an advocate to coordinate the insurance and health care needs. She is fabulous.
  • Our daughter’s mysterious neurological symptoms were clearly diagnosed.
  • With proper intensive treatment, prognosis for recovery and remission is excellent!
  • Our insurance approved the intensive rehabilitation treatment the doctors recommended.
  • We enjoyed another beautiful, unseasonably warm autumn day. We took the chance to sneak outside for a few minutes and I gave our princess a ride in her two wheeled “hospital chariot” 🙂

Even the trees and sky seemed to be celebrating God’s glory and mercy today!



Did You Think To Pray?


  1. ès beautiful this hymn Did you think Pray?, `is that our Heavenly Father and his Son our Lord jesucristor` always hears our prayers, share this hymn with many thanks: I know that my Redeemer lives;
    consolation is to know
    living but dead was
    His love and always will.
    He lives to bless,
    and before God for me to ask.
    He lives to sustain
    and encourage my soul.
    He lives to sustain
    and His hand protect.
    He lives to hear
    and give ear to my complaints.
    He lives to encourage
    and soothe my fears.
    He lives to help
    and comfort to my soul.
    He lives, my faithful friend;
    siemre loves me for Him
    He lives and will sing:
    He lives, my Lord and King.
    By life I will have;
    I conquer death.
    My big mansion prepare,
    and live with him there.
    He lives, and I honor him.
    A Christ always praise.
    Joyful, singing with fervor:
    I know that my Redeemer lives.
    He lives, and I honor him.
    A Christ always praise.
    Joyful, singing with fervor:
    I know that my Redeemer lives.ç


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