Counting (and Running) Our Blessings For Thanksgiving

One day a year citizens of the United States formally give Thanks for our country. It was originally set apart as a day to honor our national freedoms – in particular those settlers who crossed the sea at great peril in search of Religious Freedom. Today, it’s mainly become a day of gathering together with loved ones, over-feasting on turkey dinners & pie, and usually the playing or watching of a football game is involved. 🙂

This morning Mr. MoSop and I started off our Day of Thanks by running a 10K Race. I think the general idea behind this tradition is to “pre-burn” the calories we plan to eat later in the day. But, it’s also a nice way to raise some money for charity, and to pay homage to the blessing of a healthy body.



It was about 35 degrees Fahrenheit as we lined up at the starting line. That means we could all see our breath coming out as steam – or in other words – it was cold!! But, after running wobbling for a couple of miles we warmed up. After 6.2 miles, we crossed the finish line and were rewarded with a cool medal (shaped like pumpkin pies) and bright sunny skies  that were not quite ‘warm’, but not freezing. Of course, the prizes for winning division runners were, appropriately, pies. (we didn’t win a pie) The Overall winners each received a large frozen turkey.

We spent the rest of our day prepping food, visiting with family, and eating a delicious meal. Later, we spent our evening at the hospital playing board games with Daughter-A (she is now the new reigning Rack-O champ!), and watching her favorite classic movie, Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas“.

Today I am thankful for a body that can move (something none of us take lightly, or for grated any longer), a loving family, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. – MoSop

Here is one of the most famous songs featured in the movie White Christmas, sung by Bing Crosby.


video courtesy Bob Silvestri YouTube

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