Why America Should Rebuild the Berlin Wall

With the Sochi Olympics in full swing, this timely article was written by my friend Seth who lived in Russia serving as a missionary. He discusses the ‘new Cold War’ that seems to be spreading unchecked, and encourages us to “open a door” instead of build a wall! A great read!

Seth Adam Smith

Special RequestWhether or not we choose to admit it, relations between Russia and America are rapidly deteriorating into a new Cold War.

Don’t believe me? Look at all of the signs: accusations of espionage, clashes over the Syrian conflict, the Edward Snowden affair, tension over Gay Rights, Russia’s anti-America adoption laws, President Obama’s refusal to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, and numerous other examples.

Clearly, America’s relationship with Russia is growing cold.

So let’s make this new Cold War official. Let’s rebuild the Berlin Wall.

What? Is rebuilding the Berlin Wall too controversial or far-fetched? With all of the mounting tension, is this not the course we are pursuing? Are we not already rebuilding the Berlin Wall in our hearts? At this point, a physical wall would be but a mere formality—an official declaration of how most Americans feel about Russia—right?

Of course, when I say we that…

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