Mountain Time

Anything feels possible when you’re standing on a mountain! For the last three days and two nights I’ve been working at a conference being held by my company on a mountain; at the Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort, in Little Cottonwood Canyon. One of my “work perks” was getting to actually stay at this beautiful resort. Mr. Mo & Daughter A were able to join me (sadly, Daughter B had to work and we missed her). I have a real sweet spot in my heart for Snowbird, primarily because my mother taught me how to ski here when I was a young child and I still remember that exciting, snowy day vividly!

Although I was putting in long hours inside the conference center, all of the surrounding fresh air and glorious nature soaked into my soul and lifted my spirits. The bright fall colors are already starting to show in the canyon, a lot of wildlife is active, and it’s Oktoberfest season! So, it’s the perfect time to head for the hills!

On our final day, we decided to take the Aerial Tram ride to the top of the mountain. It was Daughter A.’s first time to ride on the tram, and it had been decades for me and Mr. Mo. I had forgotten how beautiful, stunning, and almost dizzying the whole experience is!

We took the RED Tram
There are two trams, Red and Blue. We took the RED one of  course! 🙂

The Snowbird Tram Climbs from approximately 8000 ft to 11000 ft in just 10 breathtaking minutes! So, there we suddenly were, standing on top of the world enjoying gorgeous panoramic vistas in all directions, and feeling a wee bit tipsy from all that incredibly fresh, but very thin mountain air!

Our incredible view while riding up the tram!
Just one incredible view seen while we were riding up the Tram

We admired , and sort-of envied, the construction workers laboring very hard building a new observation tower (coming 2016). Wow. Now that definitely must be one of the most beautiful, interesting and challenging places to go to work each day!

What's it like to work at 11000 ft every day?!
What is it like to work at 11000 ft every day?! = An “Extreme Sport” Job Site

Best of all, we ended up making two wonderful new International friends! Patricia (the Parisian) and her husband Audrey (the Dutchman) are visiting Utah from the Netherlands. We met while sitting at the top of the mountain enjoying the vista, and then we ended up chatting non-stop for the next hour. Such delightful, darling, interesting humans! How blessed we were to meet them! By the time we had ended our ride, taken photos together, exchanged contact information and hugged and kissed goodbye, we truly felt like family!


It was a perfect day in every way.

I created this little rustic video of the event…Enjoy! – MoSop

Fun Facts:
Snowbird’s Aerial Tram opened in 1971. It whisks passengers along a 1.6 mile cable and ascends up 2900 vertical feet during the 10 minute trip to the top of Hidden Peak. The round trip can be done in 40 minutes, including about 20 minutes of sightseeing on Hidden Peak, but guests may spend as long as they wish. [People may also choose to hike up or down the mountain using many different trails. Just please be sure to take plenty of water and wear lots of sunscreen!]

The Tram and the Hidden Peak Terminal are fully handicap accessible. [which Daughter A thoroughly appreciated! Although I do have to say the rocks and gravel at the summit are not too kind to walker wheels]

If you will be visiting the Salt Lake City area in the future, be sure to put Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon and the Snowbird Tram ride at the top of your “must see & do” list! ❤

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