Give Thanks! Song For A Special Day

It’s November 10th, which means it’s a special day at our house which deserves a special song! Today you’re being treated to an original video I put together of LDS folk singer-songwriter Cori Connors “Give Thanks”. I love this song, and it is perfect  for our Thanksgiving countdown playlist! It’s also a perfect way to wish a Happy Birthday to Mr. Mo! My confidant, my running ‘partner-in-crime’, my soul-mate, my best friend, and my devoted husband for the past 25 [almost] years and counting. The loving father to our children, and the righteous patriarch of our home. A gentleman, and a gentle man in every way (and a really good sport). We are eternally blessed to have you in our lives, darling! ❤

Happy Birthday to our Superman!
Happy Birthday to our Superman!

Today is a bitter-sweet anniversary. Exactly one year ago Daughter A was hospitalized with a mysterious illness that had suddenly and completely disabled her body, literally overnight. Little did we know then what the future held, and the long and difficult road that she and our entire family were setting off on together. The epic journey continues. But, it feels easier now. Perhaps it is not that the path has improved, but that the travelers have gotten stronger?

What a year.

It’s almost too overwhelming and exhausting to look back – and yet it is only through remembering where we have been that we realize how much we have to give thanks for!


I give thanks to our Heavenly Father who was with us every moment, even when we wondered. I know that He walked with us through the extremities of our trial. I saw the hand of God, sending small, tender mercies and miracles that would sustain us when we thought we just couldn’t walk another step or face another day. He sent people into our lives every day who were true angels. I give thanks for surviving the times of deepest distress, the poor & improper medical care, the unethical treatment and the nightmarish dramas with the insurance and healthcare “system”. I give thanks for the overwhelming outpouring of kindness from friends and strangers, the good & proper medical care, the miraculous interventions, the selfless service, and faith-building experiences. I give thanks to our Aunt Diane who followed a prompting to come to the hospital and arrived at the exact critical moment we needed her. I give thanks to our home teachers, friends and family, and so many others that it’s impossible to name. I give thanks to an inspired spiritual leader for offering some important advice and direction, for my brother who patiently endured my continual frantic text-messages. Thanks for priesthood blessings of comfort and healing. And, thanks for all of the many, many prayers.

Please know that we appreciate all of you this past year! We truly have felt all of your prayers on our behalf.


I am still trying to process everything we have been through and try to put things into neatly packaged “lessons learned”. I haven’t succeeded in organizing my brain or finding the words yet. But, there are great victories happening! We have been and continue to witness tremendous blessings and progress, not only for Daughter A in her healing process, but also for Daughter Bee, Mr. Mo, and me… every member of our family is blessed!  If we have learned nothing else, it is to always be on the lookout for blessings and miracles. Watching for them. Expecting them. When you are looking for blessings, it’s amazing what you see. I give thanks for them all, the big and the small!

You know what? It feels really good to just set aside all of the worries and troubles of a day and simply GIVE THANKS! I highly recommend it!

What do you GIVE THANKS for today?

I give thanks for YOU! Please enjoy today’s special music video – a beautiful song by my friend Cori Connors called “GIVE THANKS”! – MoSop

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