Thanksgiving Prayer by Johnny Cash

Today’s Thanksgiving song for our countdown playlist comes from Season 3 Episode 10 of the 1990’s TV series Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, starring Jane Seymour and Joe Lando. Titled simply “Thanksgiving”, this holiday episode aired on November 19, 1994 and included legendary country singer Johnny Cash playing the recurring role of Kid Cole (appearing in 4 episodes between 1993-97), and Johnny’s real-life musician wife June Carter Cash, playing the character named Sister Ruth.

Johnny and June Cash

The song ‘Thanksgiving Prayer” was written especially for this episode by the show’s producer Josef Anderson, and performed by The Man in Black.

Mr. Anderson recalled,

“I was honored that Johnny Cash performed my song on Dr. Quinn. He also asked my permission to perform the song in his holiday show in Nashville, which of course I granted.”

In the video clip below, Cash sings the poignant, heartfelt song “Thanksgiving Prayer” to his wife June during the scene. The song is also known as “I’m Thanking the Lord He Made You.”, and is as much a love song as it is a Thanksgiving song. The show’s co-stars, Jane Seymour and Joe Lando, are also in this scene.

Random Trivia: A Mormon Tabernacle Choir connection! Dame Jane Seymour, star of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, was the Choir’s Christmas Concert guest in 2011.

This is such a beautiful song about giving thanks to God for our blessings, our joys in life, and most importantly, for those whom we love. – MoSop

Thanksgiving Prayer – Lyrics

We’ve come to the time in the season
When family and friends gather near
To offer a prayer of Thanksgiving
For blessings we’ve known through the year
To join hands and thank the creator
And now when Thanksgiving is due
This year when I count my blessings
I´m thanking the Lord He made you

I´m grateful for the laughter of children
The sun and the wind and the rain
The color of blue in your sweet eyes
The sight of a high ball and train
The moon rise over a prairie
And old love that you’ve made new
This year when I count my blessings
I’m thanking the lord He made you

And when the time comes to be going
It won’t be in sorrow and tear
I’ll kiss you goodbye and I’ll go on my way
Grateful for all of the years
I thank for all that you gave me
For teaching me what love can do
Thanksgiving day for the rest of my life
I’m thanking the Lord He made you

Thanksgiving day for the rest of my life
I’m thanking the Lord He made you


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