Alex Boyé: Seeking Jesus With A New Song and A Camel

The incomparable singer-songwriter Alex Boyé released a new Christmas music video on Dec. 15, 2014 as part of his gift to the world. The video shows Boyé  wandering through modern streets and shopping centers dressed as a wise-man (with his real-live camel in tow)!

(*trivia* yep – that’s the same camel seen in The Piano Guys epic Live Nativity video, and some cool clips from that production are included here).

The juxtaposition of ancient with modern is striking, and seeing a camel walking through Macy’s definitely brings a smile! 😉 But, the message is as profound as it is simple. Christmas is much more than just the tinsel and trappings of the season. As we go out to seek for the perfect presents, Christmas also offers the chance for us to change our hearts and redirect our focus to seek after the babe of Bethlehem, our Heavenly King.

“This is an original song, and I wrote it from the point of view of the Wiseman seeking Jesus. I wanted to bring that Wiseman back to the modern-day times to show people that wise men are still seeking Jesus. That’s the reason for Christmas, and it’s an honor for me to share that message that Jesus Christ lives, that we are still seeking Him, and that He is still the center of our lives … this is the stuff that’s really important to me.” – Alex Boyé

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