Pause And Break From Worry Mode

Do you ever feel like your life is on “pause” mode? Perhaps you’ve experienced “Pause” and “Break” mode without even being aware. For those of you with a PC computer you may (or may not) have noticed a little button on your keyboard – it’s usually located in the upper right side – that says Pause / Break.


Ever wonder what that was? I didn’t know until today.

In layman’s terms, if a game or program is running that you don’t want running, or your screen starts scrolling too fast then pushing this button once will “Pause” the action. Then, pushing the button again will “Break” the pause – like “breaking the spell” or “having a breakthrough” as opposed to “you break it you buy it.”

Voila! I learned something new today! (And maybe you did, too)


Is this useful information? Probably not. Most people never use their “pause / break” button (have you?)  – but, you never know when it might come in handy in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

I recently discovered I’m stuck in “pause” mode. My life started running way too fast and furious and someone – I suspect God – put a hold on me.

I’ve been spending a lot of time job searching – and quite a lot more time stressing and worrying about it. Stress is never a good thing. You know this. I know this. We all know this. Stress leads to sleepless nights, disrupted thought patterns, unhealthy eating habits, general loss of productivity, lowered immune system … and pretty soon we find ourselves physically and emotionally sick.


I am currently the poster child of “the consequences of stress”. I’m on week 3 now of fighting a virus/cough thing that’s lingering. And, because I have been feeling lousy and coughing I haven’t been exercising – which is my stress therapy – so that has only skyrocketed my stress level.


You would think after living nearly half a century on this planet I would have learned the secret to successful stress management by now. But, no – I am still a perpetual worrywart.


There is some good news! I was reassured by my employer yesterday that my current job is going to continue after July 1. Yay!

So … why am I still worried?

  1. Lack of trust: The last time I was reassured by my employer that my current job was “definitely going to continue” it did NOT.
  2. Need for change: I know it’s time to move on. Change is inherently stressful. My current job was supposed to be a temporary solution – just a “bridge” while I searched for the right fit – but the bridge has spanned 2 years and counting.
  3. Can’t just “let it go”: I have a bad habit of clinging to my worries like a hoarder clings to their trash. I recognize this character flaw [which is the first step to recovery, right?] But, then I worry about how I’m not letting go of my worry. (pitiful)

You know what happens when we start feeding the Worry Bug, right? … It grows!

Don’t Feed The Worry Bug (A Children’s Book about worry) by Andi Green

I realized today why I really feel so uncomfortable. I’ve reached a “waiting station” on my journey. I hate waiting. I like moving. My life is stuck on “Pause” and there’s not a lot I can do except wait for the “Break”.

But, I can choose my attitude.

Option A: Keep choosing to be impatient, stressed, worried, fearful and miserable.

Option B: Choose to be patient, calm, hopeful, faithful and cheerful.

I wish it was as simple as it sounds to just “choose patience”, don’t you? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could walk down to the corner Store of Virtues and pick up a nice package of Patience? [“I’ll take some chocolate flavored Patience, please”]


The truth is, Patience can’t be bought, sold or traded. It’s a muscle that we’re all born with but we have to nourish, practice, exercise and build it in order to enjoy its power.


So, I’m going to be spending my time during this life “Pause” exercising my patience. I know I’m not going to have to do it alone. Even when we can’t see Him, God’s always in our corner, coaching and cheering us along, helping us to the next big break we deserve. – MoSop

Awesome quote by Corrie ten Boom!
Awesome quote by Corrie ten Boom!



  1. Holly, I know just how you feel. I’ve had jobs I should have quit, but you get comfortable in a place, and even though you know in your heart you’re in the wrong place, you stay longer than you should. As far as being on pause, I call it being on hold. Here’s a poem I wrote a while back about it. You’re in your prime and I’m in the twilight of my life, so there’s a little more urgency in my life.

    Living on Hold

    Have you ever made a phone call,
    to some establishment,
    And even before you could barely talk,
    to tell them what you want,
    They put your call on hold,
    you sigh, and then you moan,
    I wonder just how long I’ll be,
    another sigh, and then a groan,
    Sometimes I feel my life’s like that,
    I’m living it on hold,
    I’m not moving forward,
    but somehow I’m growing old,
    There are things I’d like to do,
    but my motivation’s gone,
    I hope someday I find it,
    another sigh, and now a yawn,
    Dear God, please help me see,
    just where my life should go,
    I’m waiting for your answer,
    but, my expectation’s low,
    Has my call been forgotten,
    am I in the land of hold,
    I know I have some time left,
    but my dreams are growing cold,
    I used to be so hopeful,
    that someday they would work out,
    But the longer I wait, the less I care,
    I’m filling up with doubt,
    Please bring me back to life,
    I cannot wait much longer,
    I need your strength today,
    your Word will make me stronger,
    So I can figure out,
    just where I go from here,
    Then, my last days will be the best,
    I’ve had in all my years.

    Love you, Lynne


  2. Very clever post! And oh, so true! I’m so glad you embedded the choir video. And even more glad that the camera person got it right by honing in on the oboe during her solo. I hate it when an instrument has a solo and the camera is focused on something else! Especially since I play the oboe! (You didn’t notice any ego in there, did you? Lol!) Seriously, love your stuff!


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