Remember Courage

What does it mean to have courage? There are many wonderful examples all around us of people being courageous. I bet you can think of someone right now in your life who is exercising courage.

In fact, I bet you’ve had to find and use courage, too. Probably more than once.


If we remember the times we were courageous, and overcame something difficult, will that make us feel more strong and confident when we face a new challenge?

If we remember how God has helped us fight our battles in the past, will that strengthen our resolve and fortify our faith at the next battle front?

I think so. God thinks so too.


The word “Remember” is used a lot in the scriptures. In fact, what is the true purpose of scripture if not to help us remember how God has blessed and helped His people in the past, and how He has all power to do the same for us.

God does not change. [ see Malachi 3:6 and Mormon 9:19]

That means we can receive the same blessings and strength from Him as any of the people in ancient times. We can have the same protection as Queen Esther approaching the King, the same strength as David facing Goliath, the same resilience as Widow Ruth leaving her homeland, the same endurance as Joseph of Egypt in captivity. These are just some of the multitude of heroes we find in the scriptures – men and women that we love, admire and revere. And let us not forget the inspiring life stories of our own ancestors, family and friends who have faced intense trials and overcome momentous odds. Their stories of faith stand as modern scripture and their courage provides a heroic legacy.


Remember, all heroes were average human beings – just like you and me – until they chose to exercise faith and act with courage. We can do the same, and will become a hero for future generations.

The video I’m sharing today is about 4 real-life women who have shown the importance of trusting in God and courageously fought battles they didn’t choose, and have stood up for what they believe. I hope you feel inspired as much as I did.

“I never thought about this being brave. I just had to have faith that God was going to help me.” – Anne Marie

How have you shown courage?

Do you remember your past victories? Will remembering help you move forward with faith? – MoSop

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