East Coast Tour – Final Countdown Planning

In less than 40 hours I’ll be boarding a plane to Washington DC, kicking off the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s 2015 Atlantic Coast Tour – woot! I’ll be performing 9+ Concerts over the space of 14 days in Bethesda (MD), New York (NY) & Boston (MA) – (check out the full list here with ticket discount codes).

To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I’ve been looking forward to this event for 2 years!

My final countdown project [other than packing and repacking my carry-on bag] has revolved around researching things to do and see during my [limited] free time moments.


I love US History, so I’m excited to be visiting George Washington’s Mount Vernon while I’m in the Virginia/Maryland area. I’m really looking forward to touring this historical gem. I briefly visited Mt. Vernon when I was teenager – so my memory is very fuzzy. One thing that isn’t fuzzy though is my deep respect for General George Washington, first President and “founding father of our nation.” He was a man willing to suffer much personal sacrifice for this country. A man of wisdom, faith and prayer.



I’m still planning out my itinerary for New York and Boston. I have a few plans set that I’m excited about [which I am keeping a secret for now – stay tuned for the big reveal]. But, I still have several hours to fill.

What are your fave things to do in NYC or Boston?


Feel free to give me some suggestions in the comments!


I’ll try to blog here as often as I can, but since my computer time will be very limited be sure to subscribe to my real-time smartphone updates @mormonsoprano Instagram, my Twitter or my Facebook so you don’t miss any of my adventures!

🙂 – MoSop


  1. Hey Aunt Holly! We went to Boston last month for our delayed honeymoon and it is the best! Food wise if you get the chance to go up to Harvard there is this little place called Clover with the most amazing rosemary fries. Clover’s menu changes all the time and is very good and unique but the fries stay. If you want something on the lighter refreshing side Cocobeet is close to Quincy Market and has fresh juice and fresh packaged salads/rice bowls. Gennaro 5 is really great Italian right by the Paul revere house. Things to see we loved the Mary Baker Eddy Library which had interesting things about the church of Christ and the Mapparium which was really cool. We loved the Holocaust memorial. And Brattle bookstore which is a mostly outside bookshop by the Boston common. We also really loved the Swan boats and Fenway. The whole freedom trail is worth it. Hope you have a great time:)


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