Happiness is… being in the mountains. This week I get to spend 2 whole nights and 3 whole days staying at a lodge in the beautiful Little Cottonwood Canyon of the Utah Rocky Mountains, at Snowbird Ski Resort. I love Snowbird. This is where I learned to ski at age eight years old. I have a very vivid memory of my mother zipping me into a puffy snowsuit, and attaching a pair of heavy [miniature] boots and skis to my feet. We climbed onto the [terrifyingly exciting] moving chair lift and rode up-up-up to the top of the “Chickadee” hill for my first snow skiing adventure. This was actually the beginner’s ‘bunny hill’ but to me it felt like I was going to ski down the very top of the mountain. Mom then held me between her legs and I copied how she made a “pizza” with her skis, and then we slowly made our way down the hill together in a zig-zag pattern, back and forth, back and forth until we reached the chair lift once more. Again, and again we travelled up and down, until I was able to manage without clinging to Mom… and I was hooked! I skied for the next 15 years and my skill greatly improved. I was even part of my High School ski team club. I remember swearing that I would never marry any man that didn’t love to ski as much as I did.

Yep, you guessed it.

I not only married a man that did not love to ski as much as I did, I married a man that had NEVER SKIED, and to this day has no intention of trying.

“I’ll run into a tree and die.” said he

“Don’t worry! That doesn’t ever really happen!” – said me

This argument was foiled in 1998. [Thanks a LOT Sonny Bono. sigh…]

“It’s way too expensive,” says he.

“We pay as much to run our races every month.” reminds me.

“OK. Do you want to give up races for skiing?”

Truthfully? No.

I want both.


But, I digress. I’ve come home to Snowbird this week. And, at least that part makes my heart happy.


Unfortunately, I’m sitting inside the conference center all day, working. I can see the warm sun shining in the blue sky, and the green pine trees surrounded by yellow wildflowers taunting me just outside the windows. Every so often the TRAM glides up and down the mountain, and hikers appear on the trails … and I am reminded that I can’t go outside and play.

So close and yet so far away…  😥

Ironically, Mr. Mo is having the time of his life! He’s hiking the trails, basking in the sun, breathing the fresh air and enjoying all that Snowbird has to offer. Here are some of his photos from his 12 mile round-trip trek to and from the 11,000 foot “HIdden Peak” that he reached via the Peruvian Gulch Trail and Peruvian Gulch Summit (climb time = 3 hours up, 1.5 hours down).

Granted, it’s not winter… but, perhaps this is the first step in Mr. Mo’s “conversion process”!

Will he finally agree to come back with me in the winter to play again on this beautiful mountain he’s fallen in love with …  in the snow… on a pair of skis? …

I’m not holding my breath … but, there’s still hope! 😉



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