Hurry Up, Conference!

As I was sitting down to write my thoughts today about General Conference [headed our way this week!] I read MMM’s post, and voila! He’d done all the work for me expressing pretty much exactly the SAME things. So, today I’m sharing HIS post with you. It’s a great read. I highly recommend it! Enjoy – MoSop


Twice a year we have the privilege of receiving some truth – right between the eyes…

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  1. Thank you for this, Holly. I now have in my favorites list right under your website. That was very good reading. I’m looking forward to watching the General Conference on my computer.

    Love you, Lynne


    1. Lynne, I think you’re going to enjoy reading Mormon Man’s fun blog. Glad you bookmarked it.
      That’s great you’ll be watching conference! It’s going to be extra special this time with the announcement and sustaining of three new apostles.


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