Two Funerals in Two Days

On Saturday I had the honor of singing at the funeral service for my Grandmother Adeline. This morning I had the honor of singing at the funeral service of LDS apostle Richard G. Scott. Two beautiful services for two great souls who have passed through the veil to the other side.

Adeline’s Golden Girl-esque “glamour shot” that she said we had to use for her obituary.

Grandma Adeline Naomi Kleven Seely Proctor didn’t make any special requests for her funeral program. She told my aunt she wanted “A Big Crowd” (she got one), and she didn’t want anyone to cry (we tried). So, the rest was up to the family to choose the speakers and the music. Each of her 5 children spoke. They gave wonderful, warm, heart-felt messages and personal stories. It was lovely. Our Opening and Closing hymns were “Each Life that Touches Ours for Good,” and “I Believe in Christ.” There were two special musical numbers performed by two of her grand-daughters; I sang a new arrangement of “The Lord my Pasture Will Prepare,” and my cousin McKail performed “Smile.”


It was a beautiful, warm sunny day. The perfect day for the perfect lady. There was peace and joy in the knowledge that we are only parted “for now” – we will meet again and she will be there to dance with us down the aisle to the pearly gates of paradise!


This morning was another perfect sunshiny day filled with peace, joy and music. We paid tribute to a tremendous soul who worked tirelessly for the Lord and His church. The Tabernacle was packed. The messages were heart warming. The music was inspiring. Elder Scott and his family chose the songs that the Tabernacle Choir performed. “I Know That My Redeemer Lives,” “Jesu The Very Thought Is Sweet,” and in conclusion the rousing “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.”

During the final verse of Come Thou Fount there was a tremendous spirit in the choir loft! It felt as if the door of heaven had opened a bit, and many more voices had joined us. I definitely felt a heavenly presence. Many other Choir members confirmed they also felt angels with us. It was definitely one of those extra special choir moments. I like to imagine that Elder Scott himself – who was always one of the Choir’s most loyal and devoted fans – was singing with us, too.

Life is precious, and our days on this planet are numbered.

Each Life that Touches Ours For Good – Reflects Thine Own Great Mercy Lord. 

When the time comes for our memorial service, what will be said of us? What good will we have done for others? What legacy will we each leave behind? It is up to us to choose our course now – how to act and how we live each day.

I hope that I can be more like Grandma Addie – always finding the humor and joy in life, laughing and dancing through life, cheering up those who are sad, lifting up those who are downtrodden and encouraging anyone who needs some extra love and attention.

I would also like to be more like Elder Scott – tireless in my effort to preach the Gospel of Christ, always extending love and kindness to anyone who passes my path. I can definitely spend more time with my scriptures as Elder Scott did, and I certainly can spend longer on my knees speaking with my Heavenly Father.


Funerals have a way of humbling our spirit and helping us feel closer to divinity. Two funerals in Two days. Double the humbling spirit, double the blessings. My heart is filled with a very peaceful and tranquil spirit today. My soul is filled with songs of our Savior – He who broke the bonds of death, our Redeemer who has given all of us the gift of Eternal Life and the opportunity be reunited again with our loved ones.

Death is only a temporary state of being. It is not the end. It is only the beginning of eternity. Isn’t that simply wonderful? – MoSop

P.S. You can watch Elder Scott’s Funeral Service here (it’s great)

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