Conference: It’s All About The Feels!

HOORAY!! It’s that great time of year once again for General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! It’s happening this weekend, and it’s going to be epic! Last night the Choir rehearsed all of our songs for the weekend in the Conference Center. Just in case you are interested, we’ve learned 17 songs for three Conference sessions, plus 5 songs for the TV/RADIO broadcast of Music & The Spoken Word on Sunday morning, plus 6 “contingency songs” (just in case a speaker talks especially fast or has a short message and we need a little time filler) making that a grand total of TWENTY EIGHT SONGS that Choir members need to know – with at least 8 being sung by memory.

Whew! That’s a lot of music. And it’s totally awesome.

By the way, random observation from last night. Is it just me, or have you ever noticed that the Conference Center ceiling looks a lot like the spaceship in Close Encounters? (I don’t think that was planned – but… you never know…)


otherworldly –Adjective (superlative most otherworldly)

Of, concerned with, or preoccupied with a different world than that of the tangible here and now, such as a heavenly or spiritual world.

Insert one of the best “movie musical moments” here (sorry, that’ll be stuck in your head now).

But I digress.

And now for the best find of the day – this fun new video just in! Created by a guy named James interviewing people in and around Temple Square in downtown SLC about why they will be watching conference, their fave speakers, etc.

My favorite part of the video was seeing Alex Fox (the “tattooed Mormon”) and James sharing their insights.

Fave quote: “It’s all about the feels!”

So true. I couldn’t agree more. You should watch conference! Seriously. It’s totally awesome and “otherworldly spiritual” (Go check out all the ways to see Conference over here). Enjoy! – MoSop

And for an introduction on what LDS Conference is all about, watch this video.


  1. I’ve been reading your blog since 2007 and this is my first time commenting! How many new arrangements are you doing? I have tickets to a MoTab session (Sunday afternoon) and I’m really hoping to hear one live!


    1. Well hello there Mcs,
      Thanks for being a long-time reader, and for finally coming out of hiding.
      All of the arrangements of our hymns are original to the choir, however there is only one that will be performed for the first time this conference, and it just so happens to be Sunday afternoon session. Listen the first song we sing after the opening prayer. And, now that you’ve broken your vow of silence, you can let me know what you think! 😉


      1. It was wonderful! The choir sang some beautiful arrangements this conference. I especially loved Precious Savior (those chords were delicious) and Our God is a God of Love. The sound the choir makes when all those powerful voices sing so softly is electric. Well done!

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      2. Thank you Mcs for the feedback! Much appreciated. Those were two of my very favorite songs, also. It’s rewarding to know that all of the hard work brings the desired blessing for those who listen.


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