One Million Hallelujah’s

I’m not that big into numbers. In fact, I have a complete aversion to math. But sometimes a number comes along that simply can’t be ignored. For example – the day I turned 30 and found my first grey hair – that was an unforgettably dreaded number that led to an unforgettably epic meltdown – Oh, the horror of being “so old!” (*insert retrospective facepalm*).

Or, when my children each turned five, eight, thirteen, “sweet Sixteen” – and then Twenty-one (and soon to be Twenty-five! … wait! whoa! Stop already!…).

Of course, Mr. Mo and I certainly couldn’t miss celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary [last December].

25 Years – yeah, Baby!


Those were all significant milestones with memorable numbers.

Which leads us to the sophomoric numeric subject of this post  – One Million – aka 1 Thousand Thousand – aka 1,000,000,000 – in the form of human views/ reads/ visits/ stalkers bestowed to this little blog. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning our visitor counter silently reached and then crossed right over this milestone.



I tried and failed to find a good visual aid for depicting what one million looks like. But, I found this instead!

“Actual living animals of a bygone age, recreated and filmed by a new secret process!”

Did you know there was a 1940’s movie starring Victor Mature called One Million B.C.? Me neither. And now my day is complete!

But, I digress.

[Because digress is what I do best when I’m completely sleep deprived…]

I am the first person to acknowledge that numbers don’t really mean much, and are all relative to the situation. For example, I have one year left before I “graduate” into my 5th decade [I’m trying really hard not to freak out]. At this point, I would give anything to be that 30 year old again, crying in a bathroom at Target holding a single silver follicle. Ah… just think of the things I could do again all so much better and wiser – while enjoying getting that lovely flexible and energetic body back… sigh.

There are websites and blogs out there that gather a million visits every week – or even every DAY. Heck – even a stupid pet video might reach over 1 million views in mere hours when it took me 8 years [and just don’t even get me started on Piano Guys!] Okay.

From that perspective, my One Million might not seem very significant at all.

But, from the vantage point of a completely average middle aged woman living in obscure Utah eight years ago – a human that didn’t know a thing about blogs and very little about the internet – who pushed “publish” and then took two weeks to reach 10 views (probably all her own)…well, let’s just say, reaching One Million seems astounding.

All I can say is – Thank You. Thank you. Thank you. ❤

In the words of Joan – I’m a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves…

I appreciate each of you. I’m amazed and in awe of you. I’ve treasured getting to know a brave little group who have reached out and commented, connected with me, private messaged me, even texted and talked on the phone with me!  Friends I never could have ever known without this silly virtual project. Wow.

And I enjoy imagining who all the rest of you are.

Blogging has been a grand adventure. It has allowed me to continually learn something new every day about the world, the Gospel, my faith and my inner self. I hope you find something here to educate, entertain, inspire or simply lighten the load of your day somehow.

And, if you like it – feel free to share. [And, you can even subscribe if you feel so inclined]

Let’s hear it for One Million Hallelujah’s! Woot!

And here’s to the next Million!

Maybe we’ll even reach that milestone in less than 8 years this time. 🙂 I’ll be counting my blessings.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas! – MoSop


  1. Congrats MoSop!!! Holly, that is just great. I laughed out loud when you said “don’t get me started on the Piano Guys”. This is one reason people adore you and love to read your blog. You always have a message, but you bring it with humor. You leave me inspired and smiling. Can’t beat that.

    By the way, I didn’t realize you were the same age as my oldest son. He’ll be the big 5-0 in June. I remember when I turned 50. I thought, what’s the big deal. Why do people freak out about this. It’s just a number. The secret is to keep up with the present. Never stop learning, and you’ll never be old.

    I love you and your blog, Lynne


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