Christmas Comedy From Studio C: The Fourth Wise Man and An Evil Elf

Ever wonder what really happened to the Fourth Wise Man? Here’s a creative take by the popular comedians at Studio C.

Studio C is a sketch comedy television show produced in Utah by BYUtv. The wildly popular show traces its roots to humble beginnings as a student ‘roadshow troupe’ called Divine Comedy, comprised of amateur Mormon comics who often poked gentle fun of Mormon culture. The group gained much broader fame  in the 2000’s thanks in large part to lead comedian Matt Meese – creator of ‘Shoulder Angel‘ – who became the viral video goalie sensation Scott Sterling. All members of the professional Studio C cast were formerly with Divine Comedy and all are Latter-day Saint (Mormon) comedians.

Studio C skits bring back the good old days of live family-friendly television sketch comedy, such as the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and the classic Carol Burnett Show.

As we enter the stressful final “shopping / baking / caroling / partying” countdown to Christmas don’t forget to keep some laughter “ringing through the rafters”! 🙂 – MoSop

BONUS! Rethink That Elf on The Shelf


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