Snow, on Snow, on Snow

In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan, earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone; snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow, on snow…”

Frosty Greetings from the North Pole! [aka Northern Utah]. The past 36 hours have been an adventure in arctic survival of epic proportions.

You Name It, You Own It

You know your storm is epic when it is given a name. Ours is being called “Winter Storm Echo.” Perhaps because it’s a two-for-one whopper. Yesterday was the worst, but today a second “echo” storm is supposed to add more inches of snow to the pile.


Twenty inches. That’s what I measured at about 10:00 PM. And then it turned into Twenty-two inches (56 centimeters) as the grand total snowfall from 12 am midnight to 11:59 PM on December 14, 2015 at our home.

Lake Effect

We received more inches of snow in one day than we did the entire past year! And, at least another 5-8 inches will fall today – or, potentially more since we live on the infamous “Bountiful Bench” where we experience something called the “lake effect” which consistently tops the chart in snowfall during Utah storms.

Forced Fitness

Mr. Mo started shoveling the driveway at 6:00 am and I joined him an hour later and we didn’t stop until about 9:30 am – 3.5 hours– when we finally decided we just had to try to go brave the treacherous roads and go into work. But – first we had to actually shower again since we had worked up such a sweat from the shoveling exertion. The really sad part was that the snow just kept coming down so that by the time we went back into the driveway 30 minutes later, another 4 inches had accumulated covering up all our hard work! Aaak!

Driving to work was another adventure. And bless those poor emergency responders – what a day they must have had (I heard they received over 300 calls in a 4 hour period)!

Our daughters spent another 1.5 hours shoveling later in the day before they left for work.

And, when Mr. Mo and I finally returned home at 7  PM [after stopping on our way to buy a 50 lb bag of ice-melter and two new shovels] we grabbed a bite to eat, geared up our exhausted courage, and went back out for another round of 3 hours of shoveling!

That brings the grand total of shoveling at our house to 8 hours in one day!!


We haven’t had this kind of intense winter weather here for several years.

Which means the acorns lied.

Yes, those terrible, deceitful acorns!

Are You Nuts?!

We’ve lived in our current house for over 11 years now. We have a scrub-oak tree in the front yard that produces acorns every fall – dropping the pesky things all over our driveway. which then crunch and crumble and crunch under the car tires and have to be constantly swept up. So… a few years back, I read something about ancient Native American weather predicting – and one of the signs of how mild or severe a winter would be was based on the acron size. If the acorns were small in size and number, it indicated a mild winter with less snow, and if the acorns were large, it indicated a longer, and snowier winter. Since reading this, I’ve been paying attention to my acrons, and sure enough – small has always led to mild, and large meant snowy. A couple of years ago, the acorns were the largest I had ever seen. Yep, lots of snow that year. If the acorns were small in size and number, it indicated a mild winter with less snow, and if the acorns were large, it indicated a longer, and snowier winter.


This year my tree produced virtually no acorns. Zip. I’ve never had that happen before. Okay, a few branches had these teeny tiny starts of acorns, which never went anywhere, and didn’t even drop off – but other than that, nothing. So, one would assume that NO acorns means NO Snow, right?

I mean, that was supposed to be the deal acorns!

But NO – those acorns had to go and throw the whole theory out the window.

On the other hand – it sure looks like a beautiful Christmas Winter Wonderland right now in my home town! 🙂

The Christmas Lights at Grand America Hotel, SLC Utah – Magical!  – photo cred @jeffreyfavero

The Salt Lake City Temple wrapped in a Snowy Blanket   –  photo cred @mormonsoprano

A little Snow Sphinx! – SLC Masonic Temple photo cred @mormonsoprano

Christmas on Temple Square just wouldn’t be complete without snow! photo cred @jeffreyfavero




  1. How beautiful the snow is. Please keep it out there. When it snows in Kentucky, we are paralyzed until it melts. In 1993 (I think it was) we had 22 inches of snow overnight and they shut down the interstates and no one went to work for a week. My boss called to see if I could come in, I said yes, if you’ll come and shovel the parking lot of my apartment complex so I can get out. It wouldn’t have done any good, the streets were a mess too. We usually get a little snow, but snow of that magnitude is unusual.

    Please be careful. Shoveling snow, especially heavy snow, can lead to heart attacks. To me that’s a good enough reason not to shovel (lol). How will this affect the MoTab Christmas Concert, or have they already had it.

    Love you, Lynne


    1. Oh very glad you asked! The storm was perfectly timed (at least, it would have been a true disaster later this week). The 2015 MoTab Christmas Concert week officially began tonight (Tuesday), first rehearsal with dancers and our cute soloist Laura Osnes. Our second full dress rehearsal is tomorrow night (Wednesday), and then performances for 21,000 people per night are Thurs, Fri and Saturday.
      Great news! The sky and roads are clear. We anticipate a good turnout.


  2. Mildly surprised at reaction to snow. We were in city to attend m.t.c. concert. Arrived by air on Sunday…wondered why streams and fountains still running. We flew from Calgary Canada…a 15 hour trip up I15 in good weather. (With airport and baggage wait times flying almost as time consuming as driving. Many we spoke to remarked about our Canadian snow stories but oddly enough it had yet to snow here.


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