A Christmas Awakening: Recap

First things first, Happy New Year! We are only 3 days in, and I’ve already failed my first resolution. I thought it would be a worthy goal to post something every day. Apparently, I need to go to “Plan B” now, which is “post as often as I possibly can.” That’s pretty much a cop out. But, since “as often as I can” is completely open to interpretation, it is therefore infallible! Brilliant!

I hope you have all been having a lovely holiday. Christmas was especially relaxing for our family this year. No one ill or in the hospital = a good year. Of course, there’s always a tremendous burst of unbridled excitement in the home when you have young children. But, I wasn’t missing that this year. The perk of having adult children is that you can sleep in until 10 am, eat a hearty breakfast, and then leisurely open some presents over the next two or three hours – in between taking snack and chatting breaks. Ah… so lovely! I highly recommend it.

I’d have to say my fave present of the year came from Daughter Bee; my very own selfie stick. Watch out, my inner teenager has been gleefully unleashed!

Here is my very first “selfie-stick selfie” (with my favorite people).


Here is my second “selfie-stick selfie” with Ninja the Cat photo bombing (obviously not amused).


It’s all about the simple joys, my friends.


We had a very White Christmas in our neck of the woods. Mr. Mo was super excited because he’s had this crazy dream of putting on his most recent race attire and doing some incognito service.

He got his wish. And the neighborhood enjoyed the mystery shoveler.. 😉


For the past ten years or so our family has been going to a movie on Christmas day. It’s been a fun tradition because [normally] there is hardly anyone in the theater and it gives us something to look forward to after all the presents are opened. About a week ago I started looking at our “Christmas Day movie” options and got the rude awakening [pun intended] that there were no options. Or rather, only ONE option – Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. In fact, I was stunned to discover that our local cinema was ONLY showing Star Wars … Seriously!?! In ALL SEVEN theaters?! Yes.

Not only that, all show times Christmas day were nearly pre-sold out.

True story.

In the end, I gave in to the Mania and bought out the last 6 seats for a 3:30 PM showing. We invited my parents to join us. And, I have to admit, seeing my Dad jump with joy was priceless.

[I forgot to bring my selfie-stick]

For me, nothing will ever compare to the “original” Star Wars, circa 1977. I was 10 years old. My parents took me to the very first showing on the very first day Star Wars opened in Salt Lake City. We had absolutely no idea what to expect. We were going because Dad is a die-hard “Trekkie,” so anything remotely Sci-Fi gets his vote. (If Comic-Con only had existed back then… he would’ve been in heaven). So, we stood in a line that formed outside the theater and wrapped around the block (obviously, some folks had heard this movie was worth seeing!).

We took our seats, the curtains opened (this was back in the day when movies had curtains…), and I still get goosebumps remembering that epic “opening crawl”.


Then, the action began, and the excitement never stopped thanks to George Lucas’ creative mind and John William’s brilliant score bringing it all to life.

Ah… good times!

Although the new Star Wars “VII” wasn’t perfect, it’s a very good flick worth seeing [and after netting $1 BILLION in the first 10 days, lots of other folks must think so, too]. Disney/Lucas certainly found some great new talent [we really liked those youngin’s] and there was a nice “retro” nod to the glorious past [for us ‘old timers’]. Best of all, Master-Musician Jedi John Williams was right there where he belonged, bringing everything to life again, orchestrating our exciting journey.

Of course, in keeping with the proper Christmas Day spirit, I had to share this one. ❤


Check out this fun Mormon Tabernacle Gingerbread House! Made of “entirely edible” materials and created by a Choir friend of mine and his family [obviously people with way too much time on their hands… and way too much creativity]

Next post, The New Year’s Eve Get-away! – Love, MoSop


  1. Happy New Year Holly. I loved your pictures of your husband, er um Santa, shoveling snow. You have the sweetest family ever.

    I remember when the first Star Wars came out. I took my youngest son, who was about 8 or 9, to see it. The other 2 weren’t interested. He’s still into that and Star Trek. He’s such a Trekkie that he ran a mini marathon during the KY Derby Festival in a Star Trek uniform. A bunch of people run it in costumes, so he wasn’t the only weirdo out there (lol).

    I’m working on deciding on my resolutions. Have some good ones, but I’ll have to keep them to myself for now.

    Love you Holly



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